March 5-11, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 5, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Ideology comes with exigencies of thought, word and deed not seen in other models of existence. Are you in a rut of understanding? Has your world view narrowed in the light of revealed policy? Can you find a shred of genuine compassion to foster, share and propagate through the hard times ahead? The milk of human kindness may have to be reconstituted from dried guilt and hydrolyzed severity, but the potential for fulfillment never truly goes away however much it may shrink or shift.

Aries: Look around in those funky, new rose-colored glasses. Limit the spectrum of your perceptions in order to maintain your focus. Necessity is a mother, but you'll be proud of your invention once you see it in action in the field. Let your life speak louder than your words.

Taurus: You're trapped by all the purists with their one interpretive paradigm versus your ongoing struggle with the morphing structures and personnel surrounding you on the ground. Give yourself props for getting more done than your average bear. Wear pastel pinstripes.

Gemini: It's one of those tedious verities, but there's a point at which one goes off message because walking the talk is sometimes as boring as it can be. Can you do ''sincere'' whilst reserving the core of the truth for your heart of hearts? It will be worth your while to try.

Cancer: You would rather be keeping an eye on the true long-term. At present you're preoccupied with the hand-to-mouth nature of day-to-day existence. Is this what you signed up for? Is there no relief within the form? If not, it might be time to shed something outgrown.

Leo: Desire wears many faces. You want that long, cool regard to rest on you. You want that reasoned intellect and cautious candor to give their incomparable focus to you. It's nice to want, but you've picked a concept, not an individual, to make your present idol. Consider.

Virgo: You aren't surprised. It's been uphill for so long you hardly know what level looks like anymore. Can you adjust in order to make the most of the difference while it lasts? Give yourself a pat on the back and get down to brass tacks, ASAP. Call that Aries on Tuesday.

Libra: Once upon a time you were able to make your way through the world one connection at a time. Now you're under siege and trying to maximize your means of making contact through myriad media. Why not ask your inner eye to look at old questions with fresh vision? Reflect.

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Scorpio: There're drawbacks to nearly all the proposals on the table. There're caveats written into material you're reviewing. There're implicit threats in some of the conversations. But you're the James Bond of daily life. You can survive this and more. Triumph over evil Friday.

Sagittarius: It's a kind of a puzzle. It's a kind of a literary mystery. It's kind of one of those natural tests for your ethics and conduct. Don't be surprised at the many ways you find to rise to the occasion. Be as gracious as you can to your conquered foes. Wear humility.

Capricorn: Something's out of joint in the times. Something just doesn't fit the allocated slot in your array of answers. Sometimes it behooves you to reassess the evidence. What you'll find then throws new light on old solutions. Is it time to take up a different rhythm?

Aquarius: You're in the spotlight, but you're operating behind the scenes. You're the subject of the matter, and its biographer as well. You're required to know the ins and the outs, but you're expected to stay flexible in your loyalty. Don't stress, learn to exhale before the weekend.

Pisces: It's not always who you know. It's not always being in the right place at the right time. It's not always serendipity leading the next dance. But sometimes it is. You can grasp the matter with both hands and change the world in the space of a heartbeat. Stay real.

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