April 2-8, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 2, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: There's a 100 percent chance of change. Will you be the changer or the change itself? You have free will, up to a point, but if you're not proactive in your choice the times will sweep you away in vortices and nodes of possibility and potential. Set a course for a vector of inclusive reinvention. Set your sights and goals higher than you ordinarily would -- these are ''interesting times'' in spades. Call your best buddies in to give you the support required for such a major overhaul.

Aries: It is what it is. You don't have to like it. In fact, you're all fed up with what it is. Are you motivated to get up off your seat and make the shift irrevocable? It's both scary and satisfying. You're good enough. You're smart enough. Gosh darn it, you like yourself!

Taurus: Let your life speak, but make sure you don't doze off while you're sharing all that information you've digested. Let your heart open, but don't leave it to flap in the breeze. There needs to be a purpose to your decisions and your actions. Use ideology.

Gemini: Call 'em like you see 'em. Call 'em in the air. Call 'em using your limitless minutes. Whatever you do, stay in touch with as many of your people as you can manage. A burden shared is a burden halved, and you could use a little lightening of the load you carry.

Cancer: You were a professional. Now you're an amateur in the older sense of the word -- you actually love the field and all that goes with it. Share your joy, hope and vision with those less engaged. If you bring your whole heart to the table, you'll overcome.

Leo: Was that where all the wild things were hiding? You're surprised to see what all fit under the bed, in the closet, between the lines. Can you pick up your courage, reinsert your spine and take up your obligations without a temper tantrum? Try on Sunday.

Virgo: Remember those defining moments, right up until it makes better sense for you to have spot amnesia. It's more about getting the job done than being correct. It's more about showing up than knowing the answer. It's more about compassion than justice.

Libra: You are as you are and you have been for a while. But now you're noticing the pea under your mattress and you're not sleeping as soundly as you used to. Now you're noticing the injustices around you, and you're not sleeping as soundly as you used to.

Scorpio: Continuity is all well and good. Achieving what you set out to do is a laudable goal. Living life to the fullest according to plan makes good sense. But these are topsy-turvy times. You won't just have to compromise, you'll have to change direction altogether.

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Sagittarius: Will you be a leader, a follower or one who gets out of the way? Will you walk in the path of righteousness? Give yourself over to good works and selfless acts of compassion? Are they mutually exclusive? Is that merely your viewpoint or a fact?

Capricorn: Where the wind blows, information moves around in the plant and animal and mineral worlds alike. The machine age could learn from its biologically oriented predecessors. What will you learn from the past to make the future more tenable? Wear more metal.

Aquarius: You've seen farther and done more than you'd anticipated. You have more energy than you thought possible. You're more ready than you've ever been to make a radical modification in your daily life and your philosophical approach. Can you include more elements?

Pisces: Don't give up. Don't back down. Don't let it go. These things matter to you. These matters are of vital importance to many more than you. You're the flag carrier--at the back of the file. You're the order giver in the midst of the mob. Use your imagination to work with oxymorons.

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