May 7-13, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 7, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Gracious! Whatever happened to being gracious in the face of difficulty? Being a mean-spirited winner is almost worse than being a poor loser. Monitor your behaviors vigilantly, so that you resist the temptation to work to the lowest common denominator --you're still better than that. And you've got deeper issues to contend with. Your resources are calling out for a management make-over. You might even be able to listen this time. So mind your manners and let the P's and Q's fall where they may. Debunk.

Aries: It's fierce and intense and you love every minute of it. If only you could escape the constant fussing over the fine print, and the dickering over the last details and the wrangling over the minutiae of execution. Don't walk away, sit this dance out quietly. Wear a smile.

Taurus: You've got the nerve and you've got the technology and you've got the support from the wings you'll need to get from here to there. But have you got the motivation to shift so very profoundly, and out of season to boot? Consult your inner oracle with caution.

Gemini: It wouldn't be the first time. You could nag yourself to death if you weren't careful. So you made a boo-boo. Let it go and figure out what else you can do with the pieces of your plans. They might serve any number of ends, if you would only let them. Recount.

Cancer: There's been a change of atmosphere and it's bringing on a change in direction, which may create a change in outcome, which could precipitate a change in perspective. It's subtle, but it's inescapable. You can turn your eyes away, but it will happen with or without you.

Leo: Yes, you have more on your plate than is comfortable for you to work with or digest. You have tight timelines all around you and little margin for error. You have expectations mounting faster and higher than you have time to track. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Virgo: If you wouldn't keep pointing out the flaws in the process, you'd free yourself up to get something done. Yes, it would be less than perfect. Yes, it would reflect the impaired planning. Yes, it would require more from everyone involved. But you'd be moving forward.

Libra: It's never too late to be running further behind. You know this instinctively, though you don't have time to prove your theorem conclusively. Make space to give yourself a little leeway or a lot of slack. You'll want to build up your margin for error. Exhibit patience.

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Scorpio: It's not about whose fault it is. It's about what you're going to get done in any case. It's not about what's not within your control. It's about what you do with what is in range. It's not about how hard you worked. It's about what your results will be. Reposition.

Sagittarius: You're over the moon for very little reason. But it feels so good to feel good that you're hard pressed to rein yourself in. You could take a more sober viewpoint. But you want to enjoy the elation however unrealistic it may be. Ephemera can be your friend. Pay attention.

Capricorn: You're looking, but you're not drawn to touch. You understand there's an implicit commitment in play, and you're cautious about invoking it prematurely. Watch the passing of information with care and focus. The best laid plans of mice and men, yadda yadda yadda.

Aquarius: Is it conflict if no one is fighting and no one will admit there's a problem? Is it an argument if no one is saying anything? Is it a defeat if no one else is celebrating a victory? Reframe your concerns and connections; you may find there's something else going on.

Pisces: You couldn't dig a deep enough hole to get this one buried in time. You couldn't create a large enough distraction to get it completely hidden. You couldn't invoke a larger disaster convincingly enough. But reality will cover for you, if you give it a minute to catch up.

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