May 21-27, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 21, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Things wobble slowly towards maximum stasis. Once they reach their natural still point, they'll wind back up and begin the process all over again. This is the way things are because this is the way things have always been. Use this cycle to prepare yourself to leap ahead into productivity, outreach and information acquisition. You'll do well to sort out and through your filing with an eye to culling the useless, the sentimental and the outdated. Give yourself props for color coordination and right accessorization.

Aries: Is it time? Are you there yet? Will being impatient make processes more effective? Will whining speed the plow? If not, you may wish to re-envision your approach to the present in preparation for the near future. Wear cotton for comfort, patterns for style and visibility.

Taurus: Did you believe the hype? Did you fall for the patter? Did you take your eye off the card? It could have happened to anyone. You're still a contender, but you'll have to do more with less, since you don't have as much left to work with. Chin up, tummy in!

Gemini: This is where you face yourself in a darkened room and get real answers to tough questions only you know to ask yourself. This is where you're called to account by persons whose business it isn't for reasons that elude you still. Reach out to a helpful Virgo.

Cancer: Has your hood been winked? It's not unusual to find yourself in a precarious position through no fault of your own. But if you take on paranoia or the persona of the perennially victimized, you won't get further with the resources still at your disposal. Dream big.

Leo: How can you work over the clamor of the crowds? Even if those are sounds of group admiration, they're interfering with your concentration -- and now's when you need to get focused so that you're ready to seize the day and the moment as they become known to you.

Virgo: Stop fussing at yourself right this very minute. You couldn't have prevented it. You couldn't have foreseen it. You are not at fault, even if you were within several thousand miles of what happened next. Let the judgment go and get busy picking up the pieces.

Libra: Is there some special gravity well dragging you ever downward and backward? Is the universe that specific? Not really. Sometimes it only feels like you're on the receiving end of more than your fair share of grief. Loosen up with stretches and a cool beverage.

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Scorpio: You could see it all coming toward you like a slow-motion disaster. It was like when you're in a dream and you can't move, or speak. But guess what? The whole thing will come to nothing dreadful. The entire matter will be resolved by deus ex machina.

Sagittarius: When will you make up your mind? When will you stop second guessing yourself? When will you let bygones be bygones and step forward into a new era? You can release all that other stuff: It's old, stinky and not worth your fabulous powers of consideration.

Capricorn: Who knows where the wind goes when it finishes blowing the trailer park away? Who knows where the water drains when it's busted through the levees? Who knows where the fire dances after it's burned through everything combustible? Be here now.

Aquarius: You could whirl like a dervish. You could pose like a yogi. You could freeze like a stylite. Or you could internalize your massive revelation and go about your daily life in an enhanced state of awareness and effectiveness. Enjoy transcendence piece by piece.

Pisces: Please yourself first, since others may or may not be able to join you in your appreciation of what matters most. Please yourself first, since you're the one with whom you must live. Please yourself first, since you know what you like best of all with no reservations.

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