May 28-June 3, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 28, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You've been verging on radical dissatisfaction with the status quo for so long you can't remember how it felt to be contented all the way from the front to the back of the day. Now's your chance to use your divinely gifted disgruntlement for purposes as creative as they are selfish as they are liberating as they are courageous. You know you want to. You know you could. And you'll find you have the will to move forward with grace and precision alike.

Aries: Is it too late? Is it way too early? Is it hard to tell from your point of view on the circle of life? Cut yourself some slack this time. You'll get where you're going, and you'll do it with style -- albeit some wincing from the peanut gallery. Take advice.

Taurus: Once in a while it's your turn to push a little harder. Sometimes you're in line to make the larger contribution. Periodically, you're the one with the skill set needed to get 'er done. Guess what? It's showtime, and you're on! Smile as you tap your way through.

Gemini: You are still a contender. In fact, you've created a psychological advantage no one could have anticipated. But with the support of your community (not unanimous, but it's there all the same), you're back in play and you're not afraid to show it.

Cancer: Is it up to you to build a new paradigm for leadership? How could it not be? You've diagnosed the condition and you have the concern and compassion alike to put the initiative into play, which could make all the difference in the long run. Relax Monday.

Leo: Seeing is believing and you will see what you can't believe. As a witness to change and an instrument for revolution, you'd better get your game face on and gird up your resolve. Once you're in the thick of the fray, you won't have room for doubts. Front.

Virgo: That constant painful mental itch is receding. You're so accustomed to the irritation you don't even recognize the relief now it's in place. Ease up with meditation and extra B vitamins. Build your flexibility, become more alert to outside influences. Reflect.

Libra: You have had about enough. You've been bullied and shoehorned and caged up to here. It is officially time for you to bust out of your chrysalis and become the winged harbinger of beauty and reason which is your most perfect expression of self. Play out.

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Scorpio: Design takes many faces. You have a gift for pattern recognition. You can see the hidden currents and the subtle motivations which add up to dramatic shifts in trajectory and augmentation to your arsenal of capabilities. How will you implement your powers?

Sagittarius: It's open season on your assumptions. You've been showered with the blessing of reassessment. Provide yourself with options. Gather up alternatives. Harvest the unexpected, unforeseen and unusual. You can make lemonade with all those lemons. Squeeze.

Capricorn: You almost went there. But now you've drawn back from the precipice. You're ready to listen to wiser heads, and those more experienced than yourself. Will you take right action? Will you allow yourself to make the most of what you have? Isn't it time?

Aquarius: Sensitivity may not be your primary tool going into this cycle, but it could be an amazing ally as you go forward. Simply take a moment to listen and learn and reflect. There's no real hurry, everyone else is under the same constraints as are you. Wear synthetics.

Pisces: You thrive under pressure so long as you have a means of diverting its direct effects on your psyche. Have you got your methodologies lined up? Are you good with your back-up strategies? The topography is in flux and you don't have to be the last one to know about it.

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