June 4-10, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 4, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's hard to deny you're between a rock and a hard place. On the other hand, you've been there long enough that you're beginning to settle in and make yourself at home. Is this your intention? If you'd rather move along with getting your life back on track, then commit to making yourself uncomfortable once again. Remember you'll only be as displaced as you were before you got used to feeling like a refugee from your own life. Spend a penny.

Aries: It won't change your life from the ground up. It will change your life from the sky down. So stop staring at your feet and get ready for radicalization to fall from the heavens into your (hopefully) outstretched hands. Purchase only after Saturday and serious reflection.

Taurus: You've been here before, but not in the sense of reincarnation. It's more like you've circled back to see what you can see the second time around. Good for you. Thoroughness counts and you'll be getting high marks there. Reach out to a Pisces on Sunday.

Gemini: What!? Maybe you shouldn't have blinked when you did. Maybe you shouldn't have gone potty when you did. In any case, you're not sure how you got into this crazy dilemma, and you're even less certain as to how you'll extricate yourself. Keep an open mind.

Cancer: You're toeing the line you used to walk. It doesn't make you angry. Rather, you're confused and more than a little disheartened. Would a new vantage point yield a fresh perspective? Would distance give you the space to reformulate your approach? Ponder with a buddy.

Leo: Whoops, you did it again! And you're not afraid to claim the act or own the consequences, either. Give yourself props for standing up and being counted. Give yourself hell for allowing the pickle to get as deep and complicated as it is. Give it all you've got to recover.

Virgo: Expect the unexpected. Expect it from an unseen direction. Expect it from a totally unsuspected source. Expect it to bring the unimaginable into your daily life. Expect to find your old paradigm dissolved in the new world order coming at you with the speed of gravity.

Libra: You fell for the gag. You believed the hype. You bought a pig in a poke. Now you're looking around, as though waking from a fanciful dream. How will you treat your life to bring it back to what you choose? Who will you partner with to make everything right?

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Scorpio: It wasn't your fault—for once. It wasn't your intention, though you own the outcomes. It wasn't necessary, but you couldn't resist going the extra mile just to prove you had it in you. Great. Let it all go. You have other fish to fry, and a deadline to meet.

Sagittarius: In disgrace with fortune in men's eyes? It happens. But you're not feeling what others are seeing. Since you've kept all that judgment at bay, you're freed up to get on with making all your fantasies come true. Maybe not gracefully, but eventually will do.

Capricorn: Timing is everything, right? You may need to release that preconception back into the wild, where it belongs. You can make your own best practices. You can make your own prompt responses. You can make anything you want. Allow the impossible Monday.

Aquarius: You've seen it all. You're more jaded than you'd care to admit. You're ready to throw up your hands and walk away from the mess, wholesale. But you could choose to stick around and revamp the process and the procedure to meet the needs of the future instead.

Pisces: It's neither a bird, nor a plane. It's your own spirit come to rescue you from obscurity and self-doubt. You've been bullied into a corner. Will you be flexible enough to slide out from under the heap of doo-doo to which you've been self-condemned? Plan ahead.

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