June 11-17, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 11, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's going to be a humdinger of an informational experience. And the emotional component won't be easily shoved aside. How will you keep on track? Will you keep on track? Would it be better just to go with the flow and have done? Would it be better to stand at the nexus of the x and y axes admiring the view without ever having to choose an active solution? You might talk the possibilities into the ground. You might feel your way instead. Explore.

Aries: Once upon a time was a long time ago now. Are you ready to start remaking the tale of your life? Are you ready to become your own best knight in shining armor in order to rescue yourself from the self-inflicted incarcerations of the soul? You can if you want to.

Taurus: The heat is palpable. The humidity is tangible. The air is fraught with all manner of consternation. But you're centered and you're productive and you're gathering rosebuds while ye may. Don't let the little things overwhelm you. Think big. Think pink. Think now.

Gemini: Since there's so much more than your philosophies have dreamt of, and since you're always up for a new stimulus experience, and since the world could be your oyster if only you would cut loose, it might be time. Give in to the ecstatic moment with a vengeance.

Cancer: The fertile soil of your imagination requires regular watering by the rains of reality. So let the parade get soaked. You'll only be the more productive for wider exposure to the elements. Since you can't run or hide, stick around and enjoy the show on Sunday.

Leo: If persistence were a vice, you would suffer from it. If charm were communicable, you'd be spreading it. If optimism were optional, you wouldn't give it up. Find the good amidst the bulrushes and honor the serendipity of the moment to the top of your bent.

Virgo: Why not? You can only play by the rules for so long before your bodily health begins to reflect the compromises visited on your soul by the exigencies of necessity. Maybe it's time to reframe what matters. Maybe it's time to review definitions in general.

Libra: If you were better organized, you'd be sitting in the catbird seat by now. Or so you like to tell yourself. But that may not be as true in fact as it is in the hypothetical. Ease up and kick back and let the world show you a broader range of options than you knew.

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Scorpio: Think of this as a test run. Think of this as a Petri dish. Think of this as an experimental garden. Whatever else you do, remind yourself that there are no right answers, only a range of possible solutions and applications and no fixed point of completion.

Sagittarius: You're covered in déjà vu moments. You're immersed in that place where the past and the future are meeting up and going out for a drink. You're lost to the present and absentminded in the extreme. It's all good. Everything is everything and it's okay.

Capricorn: While it's not your problem, you can't stop working out the best-case scenarios against worst-case situations. Are you preparing for your own fiascos? Are you fascinated by the range of possibilities when it isn't your own neck on the line? Find a good seat.

Aquarius: Patience can be carried too far. If that's the case, then you may come around to find yourself so far out of line you can't see Euclid from where you're standing. Get anxious. Allow yourself to become agitated. Fall into a fit and really let go on Saturday.

Pisces: Thermodynamics decree that things will fall apart. The center cannot hold. Yeats and Einstein both knew what they were talking about. So enjoy the illusion of reality, even though you are apart from it while immersed in it. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

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