June 18-24, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 18, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Not only do we live in interesting times, but they just got a lot more intense. The flow of data is in radical flux. The outcomes of information sharing have taken on a new range of possibilities. The place of commercial transactions in society is about to do a major flip-flop. Hang on to your colorful beachwear, we're about to undergo a sea change of no small proportion. Loosen your hold on that which may act as drag on your potential velocity. Vector up.

Aries: You're nobody's fool most of the time. You have a very hard time believing what you've just heard. If you could reach out and touch it, you'd be more likely to act on the rumors going around. As it is, you're bemused but not galvanized into action. Not yet!

Taurus: So much you'd been anticipating will finally show up and be more than ready to fulfill the other side of the bargain you made with reality ages ago. So much toward which you've been working will finally blossom into reality. So much to do if it's all going to be real….

Gemini: Sense and sensibility alike have nothing to do with the case. This is counter-intuitive. This is counter-intelligent. This is against all probability. This is what it is. So batten down the hatches and get your surge protector hooked up. Wear patterns for camouflage.

Cancer: It's not the scenario you were strategizing for. It's not the scenery you would have chosen to look at. It's not the scent you'd been tracking. And yet, you're immersed up past your clavicle in the seed of a future completely unforeseen, and welcome all the same.

Leo: Determination works. But so does going with the flow. You will have to take a risk and let one path or the other be the ''right'' answer: even with as much at stake as there is. Even with as much up in the air as you know to be true. Let your beliefs be your rock in this.

Virgo: Once a dutiful stalwart, always a dutiful stalwart. However, you are not the captain of this particular ship—and it may behoove you to look out for a place in the lifeboats before they've all sailed away. An offer from left field could put you in the spotlight of delight.

Libra: Simple answers suit simple times. Now you need to buckle down and commit yourself to finding complex solutions to match the conditions surrounding you. No, it won't be easy. Yes, it will be satisfying -- and you'll have risen to the occasion with grace and alacrity.

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Scorpio: What were you thinking and when did you start thinking it? It's been long enough you can hardly pinpoint that distant moment now come so prominently to the fore. Still, the roots of the present are in the past -- and the solutions of the future have their start there.

Sagittarius: You would if you could, but you feel hampered by your multitudinous prior obligations. Should you divest yourself of your responsibilities? Should you reprioritize? Should you throw up your hands and go pout somewhere? You have free will and lots of support. Release.

Capricorn: What is it about your resources and their application that has you in such a tizzy? What would it take to give you peace of mind while you restructured every external part of your life to match your inner tectonic shift? What should you wear to help clarify matters?

Aquarius: Performance issues plaguing you? You've got to get your head in the game and focus on the evanescent moment. When you let your attention wander, you lose the focus which allows you to make the most of your perceptions. Meditate more all weekend.

Pisces: You're not one to shrink from chaos. You're not one to resent disruption. You're not one to make waves over the inevitable. But you're also not in possession of a "get out of jail free" card. So liberate yourself before the mob arrives and burn down your former prison.

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