July 2-8, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 2, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: It's not you: things are getting weirder and bigger by the minute. Further, they're heading off in every possible direction at once (and a few not believed to have been possible right up until the moment arrived). When the going gets weird, the weird get vindicated. Enjoy the sensation of having absolutely no idea what comes next. Enjoy getting in over your head in your quest for the realization of ideals in this imperfect world. Enjoy connecting unexpectedly with old friends and total strangers alike. Call early and often.

Aries: You're wishing on a star, and all your dreams might very well come true. If they do, you'll have to be prepared to spring into action and seize that day with both hands and even your feet and teeth. Cling to the future and it will make you happy! Wear diamonds.

Taurus: The biggest surprise is that you're not as surprised as everyone else thought you would be. You had a feeling things would come to this amazing conclusion, though it was nothing you'd put words to. Now you're both right and ready. Will you take the next step?

Gemini: 'Touch, but don't look' might be the motto for this cycle. Use your tactile senses to get at the truth under all the smoke and mirrors. If you think you're especially disoriented, you may want to take a break and get back to basics: dirt and running water make it right.

Cancer: You want to let go. It all seems so tempting and delightful. But you're obligated and heaped with the burdens you took up voluntarily in order to see things through to their appropriate conclusion. Yet, you have free will right this very second. Choose afresh. Choose.

Leo: Now you're completely flabbergasted. It would take a monumental act of serendipity to pull your fat out of the fire and bring reality back into sharp edged focus. Guess what? You can have that necessitous deus ex machina. Be an actor, not a spectator for best effect.

Virgo: Yes, the disaster factor is way up. Yes, the unexpected is standing round every corner. Yes, it's getting so's you expect the unforeseeable—all the time. OK, now you've adapted successfully. Now you're ready to get on with life under the new paradigm. Now go!

Libra: Destiny has come for you wearing a Carnivale mask, out of season and with a poorly expressed sense of humor. You can't run and you don't think it's your turn to hide. Can you integrate this unnecessary, unwanted mutation of the present? Can it become the future?

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Scorpio: For your next act, you'll be turning water into wine. Or maybe making silk purses of sows' ears. Or spinning straw into gold. Really, you're ready for the big-time production of miracles on demand. You have the touch. You're in the right place, and it's finally the right time.

Sagittarius: Wheeee! Are we having fun yet? Talk about the roller coaster of life; if this isn't it you just don't want to know. It's your right and your privilege to enjoy the ride, but you're under contract to report on all you see and do along the fabulous way. Do your part.

Capricorn: Wherever you were, you've relocated in your heart of hearts. Now it's time to make that change an external one. Include only what still matters. You won't be doing anyone any favors by dragging them along all reluctant and hostile and embittered. Smile!

Aquarius: Once upon a time, you knew who you were and where and for how long and under what conditions. Now you're lucky if you can find matching socks. It's a phase, yes. But everything will be forever changed by what happens now. Be a part of the solution. Enjoy.

Pisces: You could just say 'no'. But you hate to shut the door like that. You could just say 'maybe'; but you're not feeling at all ambivalent. You could just say 'yes' and call it a day. But then you might be engaged in the process and unable to pretend it all kind of just happened.

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