July 9-15, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 9, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's hot. It's hazy. It's hard to know what to do. And this isn't the weather we're talking about. There is chaos under heaven and the situation is excellent. A certain, indefinable something infuses every minute with a lush, strange wonder. Can you release into the times and float on the current of the universe? It would be easier than fighting the tide, and it would take less energy -- which is at a premium just now. Cut yourself some slack Saturday.

Aries: You're mired in a procedural swamp not of your own choosing. You're wading through philosophical and emotional goo like an explorer lost in the Amazon. You're kind of enjoying the unknown, but you wish you felt like you knew where you were -- or where you're headed.

Taurus: Simplicity would be the ideal. And how likely is that, given the conditions and your own choices and related undertakings? Let go of your plans and allow yourself to react. You'll find you're in a better place for allowing the controls to slip from your hands. Float.

Gemini: Peace in our time; peace with honor. Is this an oxymoron? Could you find the way to a personal resolution of your conflicts? Would it spread like polio at a public pool? Would your own epiphany become the precipitator of a one-by-one revolution? Find out soon.

Cancer: You've been walking the talk, but you fear you've been walking in circles. You judge yourself too harshly, and it isn't doing anything for how others are coping around you. See what other inputs you can use to achieve your ends with a modicum of joy and serenity.

Leo: Nope, it's not what you expected. Yes, you decided on your course of action long ago, when it was all purely theoretical. Now you stand at a crossroads, between a rock and hard place having won a seat between the horns of the dreaded Dilemma. Use your imagination.

Virgo: Piece together the desirable activities and traits you wish to bring to your life. Don't expect to find what you want in whole cloth, ready to be worn. Instead, make your future from the scraps of the past and the fragments of the present which best please you. Devolve.

Libra: Pensive much? Is it like thinking through cotton candy? You have the chops to bring the whole mess into clarity by constant application of reason and diligence. It isn't as much fun as you might be having, but it beats having to clean up a much bigger mess down the road.

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Scorpio: You are as you have been. Is it right to abide in your soul comfortably when all around you are spinning like Sufis? Is it right to be satisfied with your choices in the midst of confusion and revolution? Is it right to see the path when others are lost and panicky?

Sagittarius: Whether it's what you wanted or not, you'll just have to resign yourself to living the life in front of you. Or not. You can change anything. You can change everything. You have the personal juju to make anything come true. Talk about a fairy godmother!

Capricorn: If it's not right, did you fail? If it doesn't fit, do you have to wear it? If it doesn't follow, do you have to lead? Reframe your questions to find a better methodology for removing yourself to a better place. You want the transition, but you need to get started…soon.

Aquarius: Desire wars with necessity. It makes for interesting times. You can apply strategies. You can apply intuition. You can apply elbow grease. But don't just sit there accepting the consequences of a condition not of your choosing or your responsibility. Wear synthetics.

Pisces: Standing between the devil and the deep blue sea, you may wish to invite the infernal one to come on in for a swim. Make peace with those aspects of yourself previously deemed unacceptable. Bring the unthinkable back into the fold and find yourself amazed.


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