July 23-29, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 23, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Baby, it’s cold inside. Do you need to turn off the AC? To open your heart? To rev up your metabolism? Only you can find the answer in the dark privacy of your introspection. Only you can choose to make a different choice for yourself. Only you can learn to hear the shifting rhythms of your autonomic functions and respect both their limitations and their inherent potential. Whisper the truth to your inner ear and pay attention to the echoes in your soul.

Aries: While you had no idea where you were going, you never suspected it was your true home until you arrived. Wrap yourself in the certainty of caring and tradition. This armor will protect you better than charms on a Greek hero. Allow yourself a shot at victory Tuesday.

Taurus: Now that the edge is off some of the most recent catastrophes in your sphere of influence, you may wish to take a deep breath and decide how best to learn from what’s been happening. Small study groups work best here and now. Stick with a round-table format.

Gemini: Once you were a contender. Now you’re in an emeritus situation. Should you interfere? Should you call ’em like you see ’em? Should you persist in staying out of business not explicitly your own? You’re often less scrupulous in your conduct. What are you avoiding?

Cancer: If you let it go, what will you find to cling to when the next tide rises? If you bury it, will it be thrown to the surface at an inconvenient moment? If you let if fly away, was it yours to begin with? You could worry less and experience more to good advantage. Unwind.

Leo: How’s that catbird seat feel? Are you comfy? Is it spacious and accommodating? Have you got room for anyone else to sit there with you? Share the luxury and wealth of being on top of your game. You may find bread cast upon the waters comes back fortuitously.

Virgo: There but for the grace of Goddess goes you. Sure enough, your humility will keep you whole longer and let you fly farther under the radar. But once you go the distance, you have to ask yourself if you have the tools and the resources to get yourself back in one piece. Right?

Libra: Don’t let your love of summer slow you down too much. You have a lot you need to do and more you want to do and such a finite amount of time to git ’er done. Plan thoroughly, and leave lots of space for those times when everything goes awry for the greater good.

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Scorpio: You love as you love. You feel as you feel. You would control it all if you could, but you can’t. So let it go and find a pace you can sustain as float along all atypically. Soon enough you’ll be flat out with your chores and obligations. Let this time be a jewel box of delight.

Sagittarius: It’s not your turn. But you can be of great assistance to those whose turn it is. Give generously and you’ll be in the swim of things. Give openly and you’ll have a feel for the big picture. Give till you’re empty and you’ll be surprised by what comes along to fill you up.

Capricorn: Wouldn’t it be nice if you were older and you wouldn’t have to wait so long? Well, really you could use the patience that comes with the perspective of more experience. Can you hothouse life to bring you up to par more quickly? Solve the mysteries of time Sunday.

Aquarius: Desire nature wars with your ideologies like Mothra versus Godzilla. Could it be solved by means of letting nature take her course? Could it be solved by means of trusting in the universe, period? Could it be solved by means of being kind past all reasoning? Think.

Pisces: You’re in love with love and you have it to overflowing and you can’t help wanting to share and you don’t care if it’s the right time or the right place or any other limiter. So go ahead, spread it around. It’ll make you stronger and build up your immune system. Fly.


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