July 30-Aug 5, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 30, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It would be easy to say that it is what it is -- too easy. These are the times we need to buckle down and put our money where our mouths are. If we can’t deliver, we need to reassess, stand up and make ourselves understood. It may not be fun, but it is necessary -- and necessity is a mother. Relegate your neuroses to the backburner. Gird up your loins lest you get hoist by your own petard. Whatever may be may be. Wear armor.

Aries: Activity is the balm by which you distract yourself from concerns and conceal anxieties even from yourself. Is all this shoveling into closets and sweeping under rugs in your long-term best interests? You would do better to face issues head-on, singing as you go into battle.

Taurus: You’re resigned to putting your nose to the grindstone and bearing the yoke of your obligations a little longer, but you’re captivated by visions of greener pastures in your down time and as you day dream. Will you give in to the desire for Nirvana? Can you say "yes"?

Gemini: Persistent conditions require genuine commitment to amelioration. I.e., don’t just lie there whining; do something about it. Stand on your own two feet and determine your fate with your actions. You may not make headway till later in the week. Share with a Scorpio.

Cancer: You have the technology. You have the compassion. You have the focus. But do you, and this is crucial, have the will? Ask yourself the tough questions. Cut yourself slack in finding the answers. Respect the limitations of your form. Fall in love all over again.

Leo: You are the one doing the judging, even if you’ve arranged with reality to have the voices come from outside your head. You are the one doing the holding back, even if the universe may be named as a co-conspirator. You still have a real choice. Use it.

Virgo: Cave in. Give up. Cry "uncle." Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and go your own way. If you choose to stick around, you’ll warp yourself and poison the well for others, however unintentionally. Use your personal triage system to bring away all the good you can find.

Libra: Whether you’re a man or a mouse is beside the point. The trap has been set, and it is to scale. Stay alert and you won’t fall into the snares of those who have prepared the ground before you. Maybe they aren’t out to get you, but the best laid plans….

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Scorpio: You can do anything you wish. You can become whatever you choose. You can work through all difficulties. But you’ll have to get started to have any of those potentials become real. Stop researching and begin taking action. You’ll know by Tuesday.

Sagittarius: Those dreams will come true with or without you. But if you step up to the plate of conscious participation, you will be in a position to shape and extend the nature of your visions. Don’t hang back. Don’t think ugly thoughts. Don’t judge too quickly.

Capricorn: You know you want to. You worry about your self-avowed community. You wonder about the road less traveled. You have an obligation to the path you’re on, but you’ll always look over your shoulder -- sometimes in wonder, sometimes in dismay. Release.

Aquarius: Logic will take you a fair way down the path. But then instinct has a place at the table, and in certain contexts is more desirable than decisions made by dialectic and attrition. Learn to know the difference and to trust in your "nose" for the best way forward.

Pisces: Your soul yearns for fulfillment. Your heart aches for completion. Your spirit is entranced by deep mysteries. Will you come up for air? Or have you given yourself wholly to the realms of pre-conscious awareness? It’s a different kind of landscape out there.


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