August 6-12, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 6, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You can, and you will, change your fate through your own actions and beliefs. It might make the process less stressful to give consideration to your beliefs: what are they now, how they’ve changed, how they’ve stayed the same, will they change further in the future, and whom do they include. You get the general idea. Once you have your beliefs nailed down, your actions will follow with a smoother linkage and less irrational sabotaging. Give yourself some credit for being honest under fire.

Aries: You adore your community, except when it makes you crazy. You love your extended family, except when they’re too picky for words. You enjoy your chosen profession, except when you would give anything to be anywhere else. Find the middle ground and defend it.

Taurus: You understand you’re where the buck stops on this issue. You grasp you’re the focal point for the discussion at hand. You perceive the necessary progression bringing you to this moment from the many potential vectors along the way. Now do something about it.

Gemini: Resist the urge to run through the street tearing off your clothes and shouting your newfound obsession to the world. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You need not hide your guiding light under a bushel basket. But you still want to bring discretion to the table.

Cancer: The “look but don’t touch” phenomenon still holds the bulk of your perception in sway. Really, there’s more going on than that, but it will take looking around and using a new filter to see the full dimensions of the situation as it now stands. Be brave, take the stand.

Leo: You are as you have made yourself. You are as the world has shaped you. You are as you must be in order for the universe to continue functioning. So don’t apologize. Don’t back down. Don’t run away. Don’t compromise. Don’t give up. You will overcome by Wednesday.

Virgo: Careful assessment is your best friend. Penetrating analysis is the tool to shape the outcome. Integrity in every matter is the key to unlocking your full potential. Bring your best self to the table and you’ll be able to write your own contract and make your own rule book.

Libra: It isn’t your forte. But you have so much going for you this minute that you’re not really behind the eight ball, however uncomfortable you may find yourself momentarily. Take a deep breath and make your phone calls count. There’s a confidante out there for you.

Scorpio: No, you can’t do it the easy way. No, you can’t take advice without fussing. No, you don’t want to make reasonable compromises. So what will you do instead? What rocky road will you climb? What thorny path will you cut? What toil will see you fulfilled? Ask aloud.

Sagittarius: You want to be one of the big kids. You want to be included in the reindeer games. You want to be picked first. But have you exerted yourself to be what others need toward that end? Have you tried to make yourself useful up till now? Can you prove it?

Capricorn: You can see farther than most people. You can hear more delicate sounds at a greater distance. You can discern much from your sense of touch alone. But what will you do with your astounding senses and sensitivities? How will you better your own conditions?

Aquarius: There’s power in notoriety. There’s juju in visibility. There’s wonder in acute perspicacity. Are you ready to be so much in the sun? Are you geared up to withstand the pressures of the spotlight? How will you build yourself a protective layer? How will you toughen up?

Pisces: It wasn’t exactly right at the time, but you’ve gotten so used to it that you don’t consider it an ill fit anymore. Yet you’ve given up stretching. You’ve slacked off on attaining your true reach. You’ve scaled back on your dreams lest imperfection spoil those ideals.

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