September 3-9, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 3, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You can’t help but see the obvious—it’s right under your nose. You can’t avoid the truth--it’s out there. You can’t walk away from the problem--it’s got your name all over it. So, now what? The busy just got busier, the timeline tighter. The demanding has ascended to imperative. But you have the chops, and you know how to use them. You have the technology, and its support. You have the innovative eye and you’re not afraid to color outside the lines. Use the force.

Aries: Persistence will see you through. You’ll have to focus and keep your eye on your work and your mind on your objectives. There will be flowers to pick along the way. There will be sights you’d never dreamed of seeing. There will be distractions. And then, a reward.

Taurus: You don’t mind the paperwork. You’re experienced at moving the administrative minutiae along. You’re confident in your use of new media and established technology. You’re all that. But you wish someone would stop bringing the fuzzy data back into play.

Gemini: This is more than you’d signed up for. This is more than what you’d assumed was in play. This is more than any dream you’d ever manufactured. But it’s not the more you’d been hoping for in your heart of hearts. You’ll have to reach out and make an active change.

Cancer: You would if you could but you’re no longer certain that the application of your resources will bring about the shift you require. So you’re sitting on your hands and trying to look engaged, innocent and not too much a part of the solution. Don’t leave the room early.

Leo: Your use of the resources at hand was necessary. Your involvement with the grey areas of the matter was unavoidable. Your intentions were pure as Sir Galahad. So how is it that the whole mess has turned into some sort of lions vs. Christians event? Find an exit.

Virgo: You were overlooked; now you can’t get away from all the attention. You were undervalued; now you’re being scouted for the big leagues. You were shunted aside; now you’re being called in to do the heavy lifting. It’s not the right time, but you’re definitely in the right place.

Libra: Don’t give up your hopes and aspirations simply because there’s so much more to do between here and where you wished to be. Recalibrate your dreams and expectations. Realign your perspective and your trajectory. Call on an older Capricorn to show you the way.

Scorpio: When you were last at this part of the cycle, you had less direction. Now you have almost too much in the way of trending. Should you get an older map and refer to that? It won’t be as accurate, but it may show you what you, and others, have forgotten in the interim.

Sagittarius: Simplicity is a consummation devoutly to be wished. But you’re not there yet and you may not get into that zone for some time to come. So you’ll have to accept the complexity and entertain yourself with seeing how many balls you can keep in the air for the duration.

Capricorn: You are here with a big red arrow. Is it where you want to be? Did you arrive by accident? Did you stop along a way more incidental than intentional? If this is not the place of your conscious choice, it may behoove you to make a play for what you really want.

Aquarius: Destiny wears many faces. Fate takes many shapes. Fortune blows from every direction. You are the captain of your ship, but you want to pay attention to where you may be sailing. You may wish to give some thought to what you have stored in the holds below.

Pisces: Even if the whole mess was only a dream, it brought you a necessary and inescapable message. Even if the whole scene was only accidental, it showed you your mettle and brought you new allies. Even if you feel you’re done here, you have another level to learn through.

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