September 10-16, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 10, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You may not be able to talk from just the one side of your mouth. You may find your tongue to be hinged in the middle. Is that a fork I see? If you play fast and loose for the Situational Ethics Team, it's not a priori a bad thing. Necessity is a mother, after all. In fact, with all things reliable going on the fritz and with all assumptions up in the air and back in play, you may well decide that now is not the time to decide!

Aries: The déjà vu is thick on the ground. Those haunting from the past will not leave you alone. Stop brushing them off and ask yourself what it is you're meant to recover and bring forward. Use your native bravery to ask yourself the tough questions. Answer promptly.

Taurus: You can see for miles in every direction. It's an enviable vantage point. But can you get enough detail from the view to grasp the big picture in functional chunks? Bring maps. Bring binoculars. Bring your third eye's inner vision. See the underlying truth. Go with the flow.

Gemini: You want what you want when you want it. And you reserve the right to change your mind, again and again. Okay. Only stop for a second and take a good, deep look around. Who else is affected by your choices? Who else is caught in the vibrations of your vacillations?

Cancer: You're not afraid of the big, bad wolf. You have more immediate troubles on the home front. And you've been ''gifted'' with a piece of knowledge you'd rather not have had. Now you have to make a decision. And you can't tell everyone why. Stick your neck out.

Leo: Once upon a time it was all a lot simpler than it is right now. Once upon a time you had all the answers and you were riding the white horse with pride and accomplishment. Once upon a time, there was a curse on the situation. Learn from history--or repeat it!

Virgo: You're not a bird. You're not a plane. That leaves Underdog. Get in touch with your inner superhero. You're going to do the impossible. You're going to overcome the odds. You're going to take on the status quo and make lemonade therefrom. Wear loud stripes.

Libra: Ooo-kay. What once were vices now are habits--this is true. But your assumptions were good and your reasoning for going there was sound. So now you have to begin deciding whether to go on as you began or if you'd be better served by a change of direction.

Scorpio: Since everything is topsy-turvy anyway, you may not notice how some of the key paradigms have taken a radical shift. Slow way down and reassess every initiative and sector of your life. You'll enjoy the early warning with which you provide yourself. Declaim.

Sagittarius: No one died and left you in charge. So you can stand down and take off the silly, shiny uniform. If you want to lead, do so by example and not sheer force. If you want to be in control, do so by careful analysis and not by bullying. If you want to be popular, wait awhile.

Capricorn: It's a rough row to hoe, and there's no two ways about it. It's a tough time you're going through, and you don't have some of the key props you'd been counting on to see you to the other side. But you have what you need to make your own silver lining. Recount.

Aquarius: You could have been a contender. Will you obsess over why you didn't make the final cut? Will you fret over the spilled milk? Will you return to the decisive moment again and again and again? It would better serve you to move forward graciously and gracefully.

Pisces: You were between a rock and a hard place. You had no option. You were alone and on a tight timeline. All of this is true. So stop berating yourself and get on with producing the minor miracle you want to make it all balance again. You have another option. Look harder.

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