September 24-30, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 24, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Life is no circus. But if you have to jump through many more hoops, you'll think you're wearing a pink tulle collar and you've changed your name to ''Fifi.'' Though the progress you're making seems circular, you're actually on a spiraling ladder--more like a strand of DNA than a gerbil wheel. Use your low-impulse control to take yourself further into the future you desire. Do what's in front of you, promptly. Don't be afraid of direction changes. Do pursue the road less travelled. Explore.

Aries: Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? It isn't always easy to know from close up. You'll have to tap your circle of cronies and your closest frenemy to get the real skinny on the here-and-now. Believe the hype at your own peril. Dance Saturday.

Taurus: You have seen the future and it doesn't impress you. What are your choices now? Which meditations brought you this far? How will changing your point of view change possible outcomes to present issues? Is there any difference probable from a location shift?

Gemini: Could you be any slicker? Could you slide any more smoothly? Will you be comfortable coasting for the duration? Forever and ever? You have charm and to spare--but is that the best you can do? You may have to make a "quality of life" control decision by Tuesday.

Cancer: Will doing penance change anything? Will breast beating, sackcloth and ashes bring back the past the way it used to be? Have you got the stones to lay off mourning and move on toward a much more difficult, much more rewarding future possible? Ask a Libra.

Leo: Beyond all the confusion, beyond all the hype, beyond the reach of comprehension, you will find a startling revelation of the possible made flesh. Are you ready to take on the responsibility, the challenge and the satisfaction of bringing it all home with a flourish?

Virgo: Truly, this wasn't on you. Truly, you weren't the one who dropped the ball. Truly, if it had been on your watch, you would never have let things get this far. But you're still standing, so you'll be helping to pick up the pieces. Relax Friday with an old friend and memories.

Libra: You love to watch the parade of life go by. You love to imagine yourself out there, dazzling and engaging all and sundry. Your drive to connect may override your fragile hold on common sense. Are you ready to pay the price? Are strings attached? Think!

Scorpio: It's been better, but it's been worse too. Try Glass Half Full therapy and focus on what you have, not on what you have not. If you can put that much discipline together, you'll be amazed at what else you can do concurrently with virtually no real effort involved.

Sagittarius: You weren't thinking of the future in the past. You were living your life by your lights and to the best of your ability. Don't stop to beat yourself up for not anticipating this current theme and trajectory. The universe is full of surprises, and you're a mere mortal.

Capricorn: It's not your birthday, but you don't often have this much reason to celebrate. Pull out all the stops and let your heart rock in harmony with the whole wide world. Don't stint yourself right now, there's too much riding on your appreciation of the present imperfect.

Aquarius: Desire and destiny spiral together like Japanese fighting kites. This great aerial dance mesmerizes as it defines what you are capable of perceiving. How would you confront your life if you weren't held spellbound by the very spectacle? Is getting real getting boring?

Pisces: You could if you wanted to, and you certainly have the pull and the juice to make your word your bond in this matter—but you'd really have to want for this to be the way things were going to go for some time to come. Bring your whole heart to the table on Sunday.

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