October 1-7, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 1, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Everything old is new again. And everything new has the patina of age and experience burnishing our perceptions. This paradoxical paradigm is more puzzling in the abstract than it is in the practical. So let your consternation flow and picture yourself as a fish. Or even a leaf. Go with that flow, don't fight it. Save all that energy for dealing with what comes next. You'll be glad you did. Use your freedom of choice to choose for the long term. Choose for the future, for fulfillment.

Aries: Keep it simple. It's not about bells and whistles. It's not about the razzle-dazzle, or the old soft shoe. It's about representing and respecting both who you are and what others have and value. Trust your instincts and don't let yourself get bogged down in the details. Reflect.

Taurus: You are whole in yourself. You are made greater by your choices. You are the sum of your actions. You are defined by where you direct your energy. Look around your world as you've created it. Have you got what you need? Are you more courageous thereby?

Gemini: You're used to being the slipperiest frog in the pond. Is there a new challenge on the event horizon? Will you find an unexpected rival? An unwanted ally? An unforeseen trickster? You'll make better lemonade of your situation if you trust in your initial reactions Sunday.

Cancer: You've hardened in place. You've deepened in belief. You've stiffened in approach. Growing a spine is good. Being inflexible to the point of becoming brittle can't be in your best interests. Re-evaluate your position. Re-examine your resources. Recount your co-contributors.

Leo: Once upon a time you cut through the tangled webs of confusion as though you were dealing with the Gordian Knot. Now you find the sticky shreds of that which you'd imagined behind you impeding your forward motion and delaying progress. Find a fresh perspective.

Virgo: Now that your ruler Mercury is moving forward again, so can you. Leave regret and second guessing behind you and get on with making more of each day. The individual threads of an issue have more to do with its resolution than big-picture analysis reveals. Revisit.

Libra: You are what you are and that's all you are. You are the protagonist of your own adventure. You are the center of your own universe. You are the axis on which so much depends. Include this greater vision in the many lesser moments making up the days ahead.

Scorpio: How will you rule the world from behind the throne? How will you govern the future from a curtained booth? Get honest with yourself and be circumspect with others. You don't have to share every iota of info with all and sundry. Choose afresh in each moment.

Sagittarius: Penance? Why are you indulging in mea culpa? You are only guilty of seizing the day and trying your hardest. Stop the flagellation (unless you enjoy that sort of thing) and get on with making a brand new day in which to showcase your desire for a better world.

Capricorn: Dial back the raging debate. You'll have an irrefutable answer soon enough. The rest is mere bluster and posturing. Rock that Soul of Probity stance you've adopted, but don't fall for your own hype. You need others to know only what you show them. Call Libra.

Aquarius: You let it slip and you can't un-ring the bell. Ooo-kay. You're not a bad person. You're not in an elimination round. You're not even a victim of circumstance. Let the half-truths and outright falsehoods fall by the wayside. Pick yourself up and get on with what counts.

Pisces: Isn't it romantic? You've dreamed a dream and it won't leave you alone. Your waking hours and your time asleep do not satisfy you. You want more than you've had, and you're no longer in a position to settle. So take that step forward and follow it with 10,000 more. 

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