November 19-25, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 19, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The shift from need to want, from desire to action, from chthonic to combustible begins almost imperceptibly. However subtle, the change will bring a different flavor to everything that comes after it. Are you ready to own your longings? Are you ready to go after what the inch-space of your heart yearns for in the darkest corners of your emotional awareness? Are you able to rock your own cravings, with pride and confidence? It won't be easy. The best things in life never are. Reconsider Sunday.

Aries: It will seem magnetic. You will believe, as you review events, you had no choice. You will feel compelled, as though you'd been hypnotized. But you're no puppet on a string. If it's not your authentic self in action, then you'd better step back and take a deep breath.

Taurus: You know the shape of your most secret wishes. Would it be worth the price to achieve those ends? If not, you might wish to put away those hidden needs. As in ''bury them deep.'' As in ''burn them to ash.'' As in ''scatter them to the four winds.'' Retail therapy serves a purpose.

Gemini: You can cope with the unexpected. It's more difficult when what you'd been anticipating finally shows up in spades. At least you won't have to hold your breath anymore. Release yourself into the process without reservation. Look both ways before you cross. Wear stripes.

Cancer: Be very careful what you pray for. You will not only get it, you'll have custody of its siblings and assume responsibility for its debts. Wishful thinking that manifests into reality may startle you, so take extra B vitamins and get lots of sleep. Try a few laps to tone up.

Leo: Poison? As even if. Your body can handle this and more. But it wasn't an intentional toxin -- more like a by-product of everything else coming on all at once. So it must be time to ease back, and stop playing at being your inner parent. You're under enough pressure as it is.

Virgo: You could blame everybody else. That would be a falsehood. You could assume the blame yourself. That would be an even bigger lie. The truth is out there, but it doesn't look like you've assumed it would. It may be time to stop and review all the evidence. Save Friday.

Libra: Pennies from heaven are welcome, but hardly enough to get you from here to there and out of the hole in which you find yourself at present. You're going to have to rework your strategy and rethink your tactics. Don't let yourself get pushed into defensive measures too early.

Scorpio: You've looked around carefully and kept your hands to yourself. How (uncharacteristically) polite. It's time to get on in there and get them dirty up past the elbow. It's time to roll in the mud until you aren't even recognizable to your intimates. Play for keeps on Tuesday.

Sagittarius: No, it's not your fault. No, you didn't mean anything by it. Yes, it's too late to go back and do the whole thing over. Yes, this can still be exactly what you'd wanted. Yes, you can still bring your nearest and dearest with you. Yes, you have the juice to git 'er done.

Capricorn: You're not bitter; you're lonely. You're not defeated; you're retrenched. You're not finished; you're repositioning. These aren't excuses. What they are is the literal truth. So let go of what isn't and get on with what can still happen in the time you have. Wiggle harder.

Aquarius: You're a good sort. All of everybody thinks so. But the power-crazed nut who tries to control your every unpredictable action can't be reconciled to the essential truth of your nature. That's okay. You must go about your business as though that obstacle weren't there. Pretend.

Pisces: You are already perfect in your manifestation. You are already replete in your nature. You are already ready in your heart of hearts. So get up and get on with making all your own dreams come true. Fairy godmothers exist and you are one of their number. Practice.

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