January 28-February 3, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 27, 2010, 10:26pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: There's a lot of heavy lifting still to do, but before that you'll want to get past the thinking-things-through portion of your karma. You could save yourself a ton of effort (literally), let alone the wear-and-tear on your pride and your ability to see the other guy's point of view. There's very little magic in the air, but with enough technological support you won't miss those inexplicable moments of awe. You'll have the wholly explicable kind running amok all around you. Retreat on Tuesday.

Aries: You've gotten so far on your personal quest, there's little question you'll be able to bring this to full closure with the prize in possession. You have been careful when praying, yes? Because the full burden of your desire is likely to be visited upon you shortly. Reflect.

Taurus: Quit looking around, it's your turn now. You've been letting sentimentality do the heavy-lifting for your compassion, and it's not a pretty outcome. Is it too late to apply proper effort? Is it too late to renegotiate? Is it too late to bring the new blood onto the team?

Gemini: You've seen it before, and you're not surprised. You predicted this piece of the business, but you didn't follow through to protect yourself. Having dropped the ball, it would be well to pick it up and get on with getting it handed off to the right individual. Ask twice.

Cancer: It's not as bad as it looks at first glance. Your strategy of not getting your hopes up is standard, but you'll need to be more than dour to get through this next cycle. Let a smile be your umbrella and let the other person tell the funny story -- all the way to the punch line.

Leo: You burn with a terrible passion and a horrid impatience. That would be more useful if you had any control over the larger timelines in play. But you don't. Practice your old disciplines. Call your old cronies. Use powers you'd let drop by the wayside. Survive.

Virgo: How did you expect it to look from the other side? Now that you've arrived, you'll have to reframe your understanding and your expectations. You'll also have to get more involved more quickly than you'd wanted. Luckily, you have the energy and the force of will alike.

Libra: It's not fun to be caught in the middle. It's not groovy to try to catch 40 winks between a rock and a hard place. It's not like you to prefer curling up in a corner to meeting and greeting, mixing and mingling. This is a chance for you to recharge. Take it and use it.

Scorpio: The powers that be know of your existence, but you're just not that important to them at the present. Keep their interest in your activities low by surface compliance and ready cooperation. Once you've got that monkey off your back, you'll be able to get down to it.

Sagittarius: It wasn't your fault, but now you have the obligation to set things right. Even if it was your fault, you owe it to everyone else to make reparations -- sooner rather than later. Your belated good works will gain you disproportionate good will. Do what you can.

Capricorn: You don't mind having more to do. You don't mind working longer hours. You don't mind the increase in responsibility. But you do wish you could be allocated some of the credit. You do wish you could come in for some of the admiration. Keep wishing Sunday.

Aquarius: It was something in his eyes that tipped you off. It was something in the pause between one word and the next that let you know. It was a subtle, not-to-be-measured moment that clued you in to the bigger picture. What will you do with your personal epiphany?

Pisces: You promised yourself it wouldn't be boring. Up till now, you've been able to hold yourself to that promise. But lately things have felt a little stale. Lately you haven't been finding the wonder in the everyday to which you are accustomed. Take off the blinkers soon.

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