February 11-17, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 10, 2010, 10:13pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Spend the weekend tying up the loose ends and severing the dead connections. Use your time wisely and productively to clear the way. You'll want to have everything off your plate with i's dotted and t's crossed and filed correctly. Then you'll be able to take advantage of the next new thing. You'll know what it is when it smacks you in the face with a super-sized ''Eureka!'' Suddenly, you'll have a purpose and a direction and resources the likes of which you'd never envisioned before.

Aries: You've seen so many new things you might think you'd seen them all. But here's a chance to gain a fresh perspective from an unexpected, even unimaginable, vantage point. Make the most of this rare opportunity. Lightening rarely strikes twice in the same place!

Taurus: Is it you or is it the work you do? Sometimes you have trouble telling the two apart when you become absorbed in making the whole thing move from simple rhythm to complex harmony. But you have both the patience and the stamina to get from here to there.

Gemini: It comes as a surprise to you too. You hadn't thought you were like that. Suddenly, the connections are undeniable. And oddly, you don't resent having your world view turned on its head. Instead, you're delighted to find you enjoy having a brand new world.

Cancer: You're not in your element. You're adaptable, but can you push yourself far enough to make this stick? Do you even want to? Work on physical flexibility to extend your mental gymnastics capability. You have some interesting problems. They have unusual solutions.

Leo: You're a good sport. You're a team player. You're one of the gang. But only so long as everyone can see that you're slumming a little when you hang out. What if you really are only one of the many, many people making up the masses? Can you live with that? Ponder.

Virgo: It isn't what you're used to. It isn't what you want. It isn't when it should have been. For all that, this alien option may yet be the saving of you and your purity of purpose and satisfaction in your best practices. Give the outside long-shot a chance. This is your lucky day.

Libra: You've seen it all. You've survived most of it. But you do better when you're not distracted. Here's where the going gets fractal and the fractal get fragmented if they don't pay serious attention to the here and now. Meditate to bring your focus back up to par on Monday.

Scorpio: You didn't want it to be easy. You didn't want it to be cookie-cutter. You didn't want it to be there for everyone. And now you have what you were praying for. It's amazing. It's incredible. And it's going to be more than a handful, even for you. Practice makes perfect, right?

Sagittarius: You're not the underdog, but it helps if that's how folks perceive you. You're more ready to win against long odds when you're surrounded by true believers. Separate the sheep from the goats and let the ones who aren't behind you leave the building early.

Capricorn: Don't touch that dial! You've been assaulted by the crumbling assumptions of your own theory of living. That's going to be okay in the long run, though it hurts like hell right now. You'll see (in retrospect) how all this confusion brings the best of the rest right to you.

Aquarius: It's your turn. Open your eyes, unplug your ears, and pay close attention to everything that goes on around you. It's like a scavenger hunt. You'll find things you never knew you valued and miss out on things you'd have sworn were commonplace everywhere. Enjoy.

Pisces: When you sleep, you dream. What you dream, from time to time, tells you the way you've been and the way to go. You're in a phase of life where the messages of your unconscious mind are particularly fecund and directive. Pay close attention to the options they describe.

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