February 18-24, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 17, 2010, 11:21pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The world may be slouching toward Bethlehem, vandalizing and defacing as it goes, but this isn't a free pass to behave as badly as your peers. Nor is it a competition to see if you can somehow outdo them with spur-of-the-moment ingenuities. So let go of the zeitgeist in order to make a life for yourself in the midst of the general chaos. You'll find that being alert lets you on to a good thing you might otherwise miss—pay closest attention on Monday. Reconsider.

Aries: If you had more energy things would go differently. If you had better focus you would proceed at a different rate. If you had more resources you would show yourself in a much better light. But this is your real life and the time of it is now. So get on with getting on.

Taurus: You expect it to be difficult. You prepare for the worst so that you can be pleasantly surprised when your fears aren't realized. Now readjust your perspective. This is as bad as it can get. You have hit the bowl of the arc and are on the way up, even if you don't know it.

Gemini: Small demons of mischief play tag between your ears. Small acts of unkindness spur you on to more frequent acts of malice. Small changes could prevent these slips in conduct. But you would have to take charge of yourself. Get in touch with your inner nanny.

Cancer: Are you ready to play in rough waters? I didn't think so. Is there anything you can do to buffer the effects of the friction of the world on your tender soul? Yes. Do you have to wrap yourself in the cotton wool of indifference? No. Be proactive. Choose, and then act.

Leo: What you knew and when you knew it will be a point of speculation for some time to come. Who else knew and what responsibility they had for the information will haunt one or more of you for some time to come. But your reasoning is sound and ego isn't the point.

Virgo: Design and deliberation can change everything when properly applied. There's hardly anyone more capable than yourself, when you're not incapacitated by your worries and fretting. Release the insecurities and get on with making the big picture come together.

Libra: Time and tide press you once again. You didn't pick the conditions, but you will play through since this is what's on your plate. If you could also bring a pleasant attitude to the table, you would do yourself a world of long-term good. Think your happy thought Sunday.

Scorpio: Does it always have to be about sex or money or both with you? Maybe it does. There's a point of view for everyone. Don't try to hide behind the facade you imagine others require to find you acceptable. Be yourself. Only make certain you're conscious as well.

Sagittarius: Did you look before you leapt? No? Well, pick yourself up and perform a quick body survey to make certain you're still in one piece and functional. Now you have to choose your new direction and go for it as though it were the first and only one ever.

Capricorn: You can do what comes next. You can do what's in front of you. You can take care of outstanding business. And you can succeed at the same time. Don't put your dreams on hold just because you've fallen behind. Don't beat yourself up, just get going—it's all jake.

Aquarius: You're floating, drifting and spinning. You're detached from normality and thrown into a world of fun-house mirrors and disconnected dream-like sequences. So long as you keep an open heart and open eyes, you'll come out the other side smelling like roses. Smile.

Pisces: It isn't your fault, though they may try to blame you. It isn't your problem, though they may try to recruit you. It isn't your field of expertise, though they may wish to consult you. Pick it up, or walk away, but don't be cruel and leave 'em hanging without resolution.

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