March 18-24, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 18, 2010, 12:54am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: This is the threshold of the year. This is where the big push from winter into spring begins. This is when it's necessary to be and do whatever makes the most of all the ambient energy floating around now. Have a song ready. Have your patter down. Have a few steps you put together in your current repertoire. There's a new role in town, and you're ready to begin playing it. But first you audition. Convince the universe of the essential rightness of you being you.

Aries: You might have reacted differently if you hadn't been under pressure. You might have used another skill set if your recent dreams hadn't distracted you. You might have seen an outcome more to your liking if you hadn't been so convinced of your method. Make more changes.

Taurus: The weather whispers your name while you sleep, tugging at your sleeve like a 3-year-old cousin readier to play than to help set the table. Your inner 7-year-old wants to be grown-up and do the right thing. The rest of you has spring fever real bad.

Gemini: You went to sleep an unctuous, off-colored larva. Now you awaken a vibrant, silken-furred moth. Use your transcendent metamorphosis to get you ready to move up and move on toward your ideals. Don't beat yourself up for one tiny mistake. Go boldly!

Cancer: Is it the birds? No, you're already awake by then. You can't blame them. But you can learn from them. There may be times of year where you can get more from every day by starting it earlier. In your personal biorhythmic sphere it is dawn all week. Do more.

Leo: You looked twice before you jumped into a conclusive mode. You checked assumptions against the norms and a number of anecdotal events on record. You were thorough. You were impartial. You were just. And now you're just crazy. Take a deep breath.

Virgo: It might be the light. The more of it you have in your day, the better your frame of mind and the more focused your intelligence. You can get a frightening amount done under these conditions. You're ready to go to the mats for what's most important right now.

Libra: You looked carefully. You weighed the evidence. You learned the matter from the inside out. And yet, you feel more biased than ever. It's an illusion. Sort of reverse Stockholm Syndrome, in that you lose empathy for your efforts. Let go of your desire.

Scorpio: Tintinnabulations run through your head. You can't stop playing multiple loops all the time. You can't let go of past shortcomings to find the champion of your soul. You can't keep playing God; it's not seemly and it takes up too much of your time. Leave Sunday.

Sagittarius: When higher mind wages war against itself, you don't have to take sides. You can sit out the fracas, admiring strategy and familiarizing yourself with form and conduct. You'll want to get involved anyway. Just remember to wear your armor and helmet.

Capricorn: It isn't a disgrace. It's just a form of auditing. It's to get you back to seeing the nuts and bolts from a perspective of personal responsibility. Your influence spreads more widely than you know. Others will learn from, if they don't follow, your exemplary lead.

Aquarius: You're engaged right down to your toes. You feel wholly committed to the process. You couldn't stop paying attention if your life depended on it. How long can this heightened state of awareness last? How much can you accomplish while you're in the zone?

Pisces: You can't believe everything you read. You can't believe half of what you hear. But you can believe what your heart tells you without any editing or fact checking. Trust your instincts and go with your intuitions. Your best girl will give the scoop on Saturday night.

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