April 1-7, 2010

By Carrie Megginson
Published on March 31, 2010, 2:37pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You’re stodgy and sluggish and you can’t stand the sight of the sun. April Fool! As it turns out, there’s energy and to burn just lying around waiting to be taken advantage of. You are the captain of your ship and the master of your soul. You have more choices than God has fingers. Stop dreaming and start doing. You’ll find you have whatever you need right around the corner. You only have to gird up your loins and make it true. Happiness is where you find it.

Aries: You’re turbo-charged and can’t seem to wear yourself out with all the things you have on your plate. Will you give 110 percent in order to go the distance? Are you wondering how you got so powerful when you weren’t looking? Only the Shadow knows.

Taurus: Sympathy and empathy may often feel like a big time suck. This is true now. You’re not required to reach out and help to your utmost, but you might want to ask yourself why you’re feeling as though you couldn’t. Retail therapy could change your p.o.v.

Gemini: You’re not confused; you’re just lost. You’re not stupid; you just don’t know the material. You’re not without resources; you just don’t know how to apply them. It’s not a matter of whose fault it is. It’s more a matter of getting centered enough to pay attention.

Cancer: Look around. You’ll want to keep this picture in your imagination. There’s still so much to learn and do. Yet right now has a sort of perfection. Revel in it. Roll in it. You’re at the beginning of the next big phase and you may as well acknowledge the fact. Start over.

Leo: It wasn’t the dream that moved you. It was the reality you saw in the lives of others. It wasn’t the anticipation, but the realization. It wasn’t the futurity of the situation, but the presence of its potential. You’re gifted, talented and not afraid of the work in front of you.

Virgo: You’ve walked through the fire and now you know how strong you are. Try not to forget this basic lesson. Trust yourself to be capable of more than what physics and biology describe. The ineffable is on your side, but you’ll have to reach out to make it happen.

Libra: You’re all about defining yourself in terms of the people around you. It might hurt a little to step outside your comfort zone, but you owe it to yourself to find out who you think you are when it’s just you in the room. Don’t be afraid to look in that mirror. Answer promptly.

Scorpio: You can do anything you want to do. You only have to want to do it. Bring desire back to the table. Bring your heart to the tasks in front of you. Bring your whole self and don’t be afraid to reach past the old boundaries into magically new territory. You can do it.

Sagittarius: Life is indeed a bowl of cherries. You are the farmer and this is your crop to harvest. You will be reaping as you have sown -- and you have cast more than bread upon the waters. Don’t be afraid of the consequences waiting for you. You did your very best.

Capricorn: Time and tide are finally in sync with your biorhythms. It’s a hoot to push yourself to wholly unimaginable limits -- and well worth the suffering that preceded this time of triumph and accomplishment. You will overcome former obstacles and get there!

Aquarius: You used to be afraid to reach out. You learned to hide in your head and watch patiently without contributing for fear no one would understand. Now you have the right audience. Now you have the best platform. Now you have the opportunity. Go for it.

Pisces: Sincerity can be its own form of flattery, when you’re feeling as positive as you are about the current who and what. Feel before you commit. Listen before you answer. Wake and tell yourself your dreams before you head out to do battle with all your dragons.

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