May 27-June 2, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 27, 2010, 3:36am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Talk about a sea change. Is everything in flux, or is it just you as the shifts through which you're going simply color your vision of the world? Hard to know, really. And more than that, beside the point. You perceive it; therefore it is real enough to count, to respond to, and to refocus your awareness. Get over the semantics of what's in your head and what's real. You have work to do, even if it's almost wholly imaginary at present. If you build it….

Aries: Why can't they just say what they mean? Why can't they stop jawing and get on with doing? Why can't everybody else get their heads together enough to get on with what needs doing? All good questions, but don't let others stop you from getting 'er done. Act.

Taurus: You're more than ready to re-shoulder the burden. You might wish to consider using your other shoulder, though. The first one is still pretty stressed from all you've been carrying this last long while. Now you have a shot at a change of direction, perspective.

Gemini: You could be the ultimate winner in a showdown this week. You would need perfect timing. You would need inside information. You would need nerves of steel. You would have to pay close attention to what is actually going on, and not your own assumptions.

Cancer: Don't blink, or you'll miss it. You knew things were going to be different. You felt it would be sooner rather than later. You suspected the underlying cause was more complicated than advertised. Will you be comforted to find that you're right on all counts? Believe.

Leo: Health concerns yank on your shirttails like bratty 4- year-olds. Worldly concerns, such as job satisfaction and your untenable neighbors, wrestle for primacy in your do-list of attention. The details are piling up, and not getting prettier for the long wait. Breathe.

Virgo: You could go back and forth on this one forever. It's not clear to you where your focus should be. It's not clear to you how to balance what you owe yourself with what you owe your family. It's not clear to you how you will stay in your field and find real completion.

Libra: Okay. Take a deep breath. Take two -- you've been running the hamsters' race and it's worn you out. If you could think clearly, you might choose to ponder your options. For a long time, you've been convinced you're on a one-way street. Is this really the case?

Scorpio: The road to hell is paved with good-intentions. The process of stasis is bolstered by procrastination. It is more than past time for the dam to crack and all the necessary bits and bobs to come flooding out all at once. You'd rather be overwhelmed than underengaged.

Sagittarius: Woo-hoo. You're not going to be caught with your pants down (unless that's your intention). You're not going to take any wooden nickels (unless you're collecting them for an installation piece). You're not going to be surprised (unless it would be more fun).

Capricorn: It's not that you don't like working hard. It's not that you're bored. It's not that you're feeling a little trapped by your choices. It's that all of a sudden something you want more, something requiring less compromise, has reared its lovely head and started singing.

Aquarius: When the going gets tough the weird turn pro. You're ready to own your inner weirdo and get on with making it work for you on the professional level. You're done with fitting in and conforming. You're busting your move, and you don't care who sees you.

Pisces: You could let it go, but that would be a terrible waste. You could give it up, but you don't feel the moment has come. You could walk away, but you're pretty sure it's yours and you were here first. Is there another alternative? Is there another possibility?

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