July 1-7, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 1, 2010, 3:03am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: We live in interesting times, and they're going to get a lot more interesting in the new phase of the cycle that's just beginning. Since there isn't a bed big enough for the whole world to hide under and wait out the fracas, take some early advice. Prioritize for what and who and how you love. Bring your self-respect, your faith and your unshakeable beliefs with you. Leave your emotional baggage and materialism behind. Don't skimp when gathering up your loved ones to form a human raft!

Aries: You're brave enough. You're strong enough. And goshdarnit, people look up to you! So get with the program, get out of your tent and get on with making the most of your life. You'll find you have more useable answers after the dust clears from Sunday. Day of rest?

Taurus: You went once before, and you went with good intentions. But you didn't get where you'd hoped you might go, and you aren't anxious to repeat the experience. This time, pack more thoughtfully. This time, bring someone whose company you can stand—no matter what.

Gemini: Is it a rhetorical question if you can't remember the answer everyone assumes you know when you ask it? This isn't amnesia, this is pure-D distraction. To get yourself centered, you'll have to slow down. To focus, you'll have to narrow your perspective. Get going.

Cancer: Once, you had a dream. Now you have a reality. Once, you allowed yourself to believe in happily-ever-after. Now you know what that can mean under the best of circumstances. Don't let reality crowd out the joy that took root in your heart. Embrace gently.

Leo: You're not the only one who can be right. They're not wrong on account of being on the other side of the table. It's not an easy conundrum with which to live. But you're a big person with grand ideals. Now is when you get to try to live up to them. Ask a Capricorn for help.

Virgo: Give till it hurts, then stop and get some physical therapy for your excesses. In fact, give right up to the edge of the line, and then take two steps back. If you can't learn to hold something in reserve for yourself, life will sideline you -- with or without your willing participation.

Libra: You can do what needs to be done. And you can maintain the pace and the tone necessary for far longer than any casual observer might suspect. But you can't do it without some degree of support, and if possible, some respect from those around you. Be demanding.

Scorpio: You love a good challenge. And you'd rather try doing the impossible and failing than doing what's easy and coming out ahead. Are you perverse? Oh yeah you are. Is it a good thing? This time, it's what will get you from here to there in one piece -- and sane!

Sagittarius: You went ahead and leaped before you looked. You ignored good advice. You planned without having a fallback position. And it's all good. Some people need to work without a net in order to feel alive. But you can't go and complain about it now. Remember.

Capricorn: If you could have only one thing you really, really wanted, what would it be? If you had to give up one person you really, really loved, whom would you throw under the bus? If these choices were silly and pointless, would you be able to admit it and go on?

Aquarius: No, you can't sleep very well under these conditions. No, it's not the fault of any one thing or person or situation. Yes, you can find a solution. No, it won't be as soon as you could wish. Indulge yourself in a forbidden vice as compensation until then.

Pisces: You're on a roll. You're on a tear. You're on a jag and you don't want to stop. Moreover, you're not in the least certain that you could. So indulge yourself. Go deep and don't come up for air very often. You'll find there's healing in the excesses that draw you. Ask Friday.

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