July 29-August 4, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 28, 2010, 9:36pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Funny how things slow down in the heat. Funny how things de-motivate when the cat's away. Funny how even when things are getting materially better, the impetus to moan doesn't lighten up. It's that time of the year, the month, the week and the day. You could attempt to rise above the longstanding pettiness that's going around. Or you could wallow in it. You could make an effort to elevate your fellow beings, or you could ignore their condition. You could still go for the gold.

Aries: You're behind on all those fussy details which add up to a life well managed. You're in arrears on paying attention to your daily needs and the effort required to meet them. You're ready to default on living happily ever after, though you dislike the implications. Be a hero.

Taurus: Is it your problem? Not really, but you're still holding the bag -- in a sense. Is it your fault? No, but someone needs to clean up the hideous mess. Is it your obligation? Nope. Yet you care enough about the situation and the outcome you might wish to invest in a solution.

Gemini: You are as you have been, and that's your official position. Yet deep within you there's been a shift in the tectonic mass which is your soul. The question being: How long can you keep the lid on your deep evolutionary process? And how long can you hide it from yourself?

Cancer: You have looked into the abyss, and saw yourself smiling back. Smiling? What have you got to smile about? Your life is nothing like it was (not that you liked the old life). Your hopes and dreams are nothing like they were (not that you wanted them). Re-envision everything.

Leo: You're still a contender. You still have a chance. Heck, you still have a choice. You may have to exert yourself to exercise your options, but isn't that better than standing around fussing pointlessly? It might be best if you found someone with a spare shoulder.

Virgo: Time and tide are on their usual schedule. You could still make the boat, but you'll have to become differently organized to do so. What will you leave behind? What will you throw overboard once you're in actual process? Who will you meet unexpectedly? Ask.

Libra: Destiny wears many faces. Right now, this knowledge is worthwhile only whilst you remember it. If you can't believe in the big picture, you may be dooming yourself to treading the mire of minutiae and disgust. Can you give yourself a second chance at success?

Scorpio: Should sins of omission count for more, less or about the same as sins of commission? What are you, a theologian? Better you should count the angels dancing on the head of your pin, and remember all the good points in your life and the lives of those around you.

Sagittarius: You aren't doomed. You aren't damned. You aren't fated. At least, not anymore than you allow yourself to be. If you want to be led through life on a string twisting through the labyrinth of existence, so be it. What happened to the free-spirited self you were?

Capricorn: Contumely is a bitter pill. Derision is one more bitter still. Contempt is the very dregs of the apothecary's mortar. Why stand for it? Have you earned it? Can you fight it? Is the effort best accomplished within you, or on the outside? Think hard before answering.

Aquarius: Take yourself on a magic carpet ride, back to your roots, back to the place you came from and the place to which you will return when your time here is over. What can you learn from your values and your past? What can you share with others to help them?

Pisces: When the going gets intense, the intense take a break to regain their perspective, right? It's the responsible thing to do -- responsible to your selfhood and your soul. So curl within and breathe slowly. There'll be time for everything—in its season. Wear chiffon.

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