August 5-11, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 5, 2010, 12:53am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: This is where you get as good as you gave. This is when your chickens come home to roost. This is how you learn to tally your karmic score board in the virtual reality game called ''life.'' Are you prepared for the reckoning of your tab? Are you ready to learn the effects of your causation? Are you able to absorb (and reabsorb) that which you have put forth? Stay rested and relaxed. You'll want to harbor your resources and retain your earned value. Reflect.

Aries: You're as shiny as you're likely to get. You're as full of vim and vigor as the weather permits. You're in deep, and longing to get deeper. You may need a guide to see you to and through the next stage of becoming. Will it be a spirit totem or the next-door neighbor?

Taurus: You are as you were, but the world hasn't held as still. You'll have to figure out what your paradigm for adaptation is, or ought to be, and work out what your progress can and should be in that direction. It's lots of planning, but it obviates backtracking or doing over!

Gemini: It used to be loads of laughs. It used to be a challenging adventure. It used to be the thing to do and be seen doing. Now you're undeniably in a rut. Now you're bored and feeling a little trapped. Now you want the prize, without having to go through the contest. Hmmm.

Cancer: You are not without your resources. In fact, you've got what it takes and part of the package is your family of origin coupled to your family of choice. How can you make the most of what you have? How can you extend your reach to meet the needs of your grasp?

Leo: The light shines on you a little more fiercely, but you don't mind the attention. You worry more about whether your antiperspirant will hold you in that optimal state for long enough to get you from here to there. Ephemerals are a distraction from the big picture.

Virgo: It's all uphill from here, as usual. But you don't have to do this alone. You can assemble the team of your choice and do the right thing with more than your usual ''lone gunman'' approach. Are you ready to become a leader of persons? Are they ready, too?

Libra: This might be the breakthrough for which you've been waiting. This might be the opportunity that liberates you from the daily grind and mental uncertainty under which you've been laboring for so long. This might be an excuse to try cheering up and smiling.

Scorpio: You're at the threshold. You're neither wet nor dry. You're neither hungry nor satisfied. You're neither clothed nor naked. This is a tipping point, if you but have the wits to recognize it and the will to make the most of what this series of moments could mean. Use.

Sagittarius: Once you've had the dream, and remembered it, there's no turning back to the mundane life with which you were formerly involved. So now what? Can you make your fantasy come true? Can you bring your vision to life? Can you live with not even trying?

Capricorn: It's not easy right now, and it won't get easier anytime soon. But your muscles will harden. Your emotions will stabilize. Your will will crystallize and the path you're walking will become visible. Call on the strength of your acquaintances Friday.

Aquarius: You've been there and back again. You've looked into the mouth of the abyss and seen it looking back at you. You've ridden to the edge of time and heard the world ticking over. Now you have to take that power and focus it into your daily life. Do it soon.

Pisces: Sensitivity is your métier. But could you become less self-aware in order to do as needs must be done? Right now, you need a thicker skin and a more calloused hand with which to accomplish your ends. Doing so will make quick and sure that which might be messy.

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