September 9-16, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 8, 2010, 9:48pm | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: All that backlog, that accumulated guano, is aimed at the fan and waiting for the slightest shift to let loose. What can you do about it? 1) Don't be in the path of the fan. 2) Wear weatherproof gear, even to bed. 3) See if you can call in some kind of a designated catcher, so that you're not the one to be catching it all when entropy has its way with things. But seriously folks, you can (and will) survive by thinking outside the box.

Aries: There's a front and a back to every problem. There's an inside and an outside view of each and every complex issue. There's a top and a bottom on all priority lists. Focus yourself. Find your inner compass and use it to find and hold your course in growing awareness.

Taurus: You would have sworn you were ready for anything. You had no idea to what extent anything could go. You now have an intricate puzzle to solve, and you're not sure you have the time to do it right. Still, the other resources are on hand. Call in a favor.

Gemini: You've been there and done that. You're now mentoring others through the process. You're proud of the progress you've made, but it's not time to sit back on your laurels just yet. Stay sharp, stay attuned to the zeitgeist, and stay in the best shape you can muster.

Cancer: Heroics overtake even the most staid lives and placid circumstances. You may find yourself thrust into the role of heroism, even against your will. Home training is the hardest set of habits to shake, and you may not dodge this bullet in time. Wear a smile on Tuesday.

Leo: Walking the talk has worn out more pairs of your shoes than you care to count. You're as sincere as the day you started this campaign, and you're as dedicated to the pursuit of excellence as you've ever been. Don't let niggling criticisms drag your mood down. You rock!

Virgo: Effectiveness, competence and comprehension have always been your go-to strengths. Now you're going to have to draw on your less-realized skills to get from one end of the maze that is your daily life to the other. You have more allies than you remember. Consult.

Libra: Wherever you go, there you are. And there still will be more things than your philosophies have dreamt of. Keep your mind – and your eyes – open. You will remember this time as one a little simpler than what will challenge you down the line. Hang with a Leo.

Scorpio: Once upon a time, your life was safe. Once upon a time, you knew how all your days and weeks were shaped before they happened. Once upon a time, you were in stasis. Now everything is free-wheeling, except when it's free-falling. Get used to the sensation.

Sagittarius: You're in an exciting phase of your existence. As usual. But this is a bit different. Here be choices, the likes of which you rarely see and even less frequently exploit. Watch your options like a hawk. Scan the terrain for hidden opportunities. Remember.

Capricorn: Calling all hobgoblins! It's early for the darkness to overtake the day, but you're in a funk and you don't want to walk in the light just now. Whilst you mope in the shadows, you might poke about in the corners and see what you can find that others may have lost.

Aquarius: Are you a man or a mouse? Wouldn't it be easier if you turned out to be the mouse? Yet you have a home-field advantage you haven't yet begun to make the most of. You have amazing stamina, which you haven't yet tapped. You have a nice smile, use it!

Pisces: The times they are a changin', or so we hear. Will you change with them, or try to create a mini-warp in which to lay low? The first choice uses less energy. The second choice preserves you from sullying interactions with the wide, wide world. Open up.

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