September 23-30, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 23, 2010, 12:37am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: With everything in flux, you might as well allow yourself to enjoy the crazy ride you're on. With everything changing up, you might as well let go of what was and get used to what's coming. With everything different, you might train yourself to look forward instead of bemoaning a past which will never come again. Take advantage of the chaos to maximize your position in the new world order. You'll do even better if you let your friends lend a hand Friday.

Aries: You've seen a lot. You've been through even more. You're ready for any challenge -- at least that's what you keep telling yourself. It would be truer if you were less attached to things as they are at present. How will you toughen up so that you can allow necessary change?

Taurus: You're not pleased with the lay of the land. Will you move? Will you move it? Is this how to make good feng shui? You're coloring outside the lines, there's no sense in holding yourself back now. You can do anything you want, anyway you feel like doing it.

Gemini: You're on a roll and you didn't even feel round when you started. But you've got momentum and now would be an inconvenient time to lose it. Practice staying loose. Practice keeping your flow going. Practice your best imitation of the wind through the trees.

Cancer: Sometimes the most important action in any campaign is waiting. Timing is everything here, and you have much to gain through the application of a little patience and a smidge of strategy. Gather your troops and assess their strengths and positions. Planning helps.

Leo: You're at the end of your rope and you're not sure you want to tie a knot to hang on. If you're that fed up, you need to decide if there's any chance of recovering your objectives, or if you really can cut your losses and get on with making the most of the rest of your life.

Virgo: Destiny wears many masks. Fate takes different shapes at different times in our lives. How will you recognize the essential nature of your being when it stands unfamiliar on your doorstep, hoping to be let in like a lost puppy? Shut your eyes and listen to your nose.

Libra: You're wearing the cutest accessory you own: your smile. Now you don't have to charge through your wardrobe like a tornado through a trailer park, since you already understand your assets better than you did a moment ago. Natural features will take you farther Sunday.

Scorpio: Are you alone in your consternation? Are others feeling the pressure, though they don't understand its source or the possible relief efforts available all around them? You're attached to the ineffable at the hip. You're connected to the eternal, so why not act like it?

Sagittarius: You're ready to get from here to there. So now you need to get down to brass tacks and make the details shiny enough that they may be read from a great distance by a skeptic with lost glasses. Now is not the time to be subtle. Spell it out in large, bright lights.

Capricorn: You could give in to despair. But that would be a tactic both unattractive and reductionist. You have more to offer than that. You could find more to experience than that, if you didn't feel so sapped of energy. Supplement with ginseng and extra B vitamins Saturday.

Aquarius: Where did you come from the last time things were sliding around this way? You have more maturity and more perspective on your side this time. You don't have to fall for the same old line. You don't have to repeat the tired old mistakes. Share the truth.

Pisces: It's not you. You were where you were meant to be and doing the right thing at the right time. Now you've got that off your mind, you're free to concentrate on the mixed messages you've been receiving from your heart. You have one more choice than you're admitting.

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