December 23-30, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 23, 2010, 3:15am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: However hard you plan, however much you may take into account, there's always one thing more you haven't considered or acted on. Does this make you incompetent or sub-par? Does this make you less than you otherwise might be? No, it makes you human. Act on the assumption that it is better to be flawed and human than perfect and nonexistent. You will need to choose your strategy by Monday, but you don't act alone. Consult with a friend over a snack.

Aries: This is not the best of all possible worlds. You don't have the option of the best of all possible outcomes. But you do have enough perspective to choose from the realities in front of you. You also have the resources available such that you may act on your choice.

Taurus: You have seen and heard more than you might have supposed. It's clear that others imagine you are still in the dark on certain essential points. Do you come clean and reveal your knowledge and the source? Do you play your cards close to your chest? Ask a Pisces.

Gemini: You're walking the line. You're making a living. You're on auto-pilot a fair amount of the time. Is this what you really want? Is this the best you can think of? What would you have to put at risk if you were to get what really makes your head spin and your smile widen?

Cancer: You're conflicted. You're in a state. You're not wholly aware of the nature of your fuss, but it may have to do with unprocessed material from your past. Are you doomed to repeat your personal history? Are you selecting that option as your default posture?

Leo: Is it better the devil you know, or would you be better served finding out what's really behind door No. 3? You don't have any easy answers in front of you. You don't have any clean solutions lying around. You do have good sense and decisiveness.

Virgo: You get to choose what you do with what you have. You don't have to make your final selection based on what others imagine would suit you best. You don't have to listen to the whispering campaign seemingly designed to increase your dissatisfaction. Wear stripes.

Libra: It's not all about you, but you're still the focus of attention. You didn't seek to lead, but others insist on following. You weren't agitating for change, but the change is coming and you can see it from where you stand. Use your reach to enhance your grasp on Friday.

Scorpio: Why are you still standing there with that look on your face? You had plenty of warning. You even had foreboding; though it's not as bad as you would like to paint it. Will you move on and perform the work that is in front of you to do? Call an Aries.

Sagittarius: Don't bother running, there's nowhere to hide. Don't bother dissimulating, the truth is out there already. Don't bother pretending when the reality is so much more dramatic and engaging and useful for promoting the future in all its glory. Sleep in.

Capricorn: Aren't you the one everybody thinks is so hard-working? If so, why are you choosing to be so drastically under-employed? Granted, there's troubled times everywhere, but you've got more on the ball than to let some little worldwide recession slow you down.

Aquarius: It's your dream. It's your ideal. It's your method. If you want others to embrace your concept wholeheartedly, you may have to step up and set a good example. In fact, if you aren't seen to be first in line here the whole system may collapse before it kicks in.

Pisces: It isn't the most trying of times. More like it's become really, really tedious. No one promised you an unending joyride. No one swore they would hang the moon to suit your view from the window. Buck up and get into manipulating reality to make ends meet.

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