December 30-January 5, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 29, 2010, 10:22pm | Comments

Heavenly Roundup: Here at the heel-end of the year, you find yourself refocused, revitalized and refreshed. You're ready to pick up the pieces of your current state of affairs and transform them – like making beach glass into a mosaic. Are you still looking over your shoulder? It didn't work for Orpheus and it might not work for you either. Keep your eyes set on where you're going and don't forget to aim high. You have the ambition, but you'll need some technique before you're ready to go.

Aries: You could let your disillusionment poison the well of hope on which you depend for your fundamental strength. You could let your disappointment send you back to your tent for an extended sulk. Or you could call it a lesson learned and get on with living your dream.

Taurus: Are you ready to burst onto the scene of the new year ahead? Are you ready to make your mark and leave a lasting impression on every witness? Are you ready to go the distance in refining your aesthetic expression? Buckle up; you may be in for a bumpy ride.

Gemini: Think it over before you act. Think it through before you commit. Think it in parallel to see the alternative scenarios for which you may wish to be prepared. If you take a little time now, you'll save yourself a world of pain down the road. Wear a joyous pattern.

Cancer: You've been around the block on your tricycle so many times it's a wonder you're not permanently dizzy. What can you do to shift the pattern? How can your input change the outcomes? When will you decide to stop holding back and bring your ''A'' game? Dazzle.

Leo: You weren't asking for a miracle, just a sustaining break. You weren't looking for a handout, just a hand up. You weren't standing around with your thumb up your parts, though you were in a state of reflective contemplation. Make your execution match your motives.

Virgo: Are you ready to let go of the old paradigm, to abandon it, to release it to the wild? Are you wholehearted in your desire for life change at profound levels? If you can say yes to the above, then hold onto your hat. Everything will get exciting and different real soon.

Libra: Is it time? Are you there yet? Could this be the break for which you've been waiting? Possibly to all the preceding questions, the real source of the answer rests within you. If you're ready, everything else will have no choice but to fall into place. The Zen of now is calling.

Scorpio: Puh-lease. You've had nothing but time, resources and energy to get 'er done. You've had nothing but support and admiration to bolster your effectiveness. You've had nothing but the feedback you need the most to see you through. So stop whining and start doing.

Sagittarius: Look under the cabbage leaf. What is that? You've given birth in a traditional – though unorthodox ­– fashion to something new under the sun. You've become a catalyst for the change you most desire. You've become a voice for those who long to be heard. Rejoice.

Capricorn: Don't hide from your desire. Don't run from your ambition. Don't deny your lust. You have a real knack, and it's time you got down to exploiting it instead of moaning about all the dreams you have that won't come true. Give yourself a hand for being tenacious.

Aquarius: You were right all along, and now the cat is out of the bag. Will you be detailed to the sweep crew in order to see just how effective you can be at managing the mismanagement of others? Will you have the intestinal fortitude to take up the challenge? Ask early.

Pisces: You're the gingerbread individual, and you're not easy to catch once you get going. Use your wiles and your craft and your elusiveness to evade capture by the mundane and the logical and the nay-sayers. Make your heart big enough to contain the whole of your dream.

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