Justin Crockett Elzie moves from Marine to wordsmith

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 3, 2011, 12:40am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: What gets big must get small. What seems dark carries the seeds of light. What was impossible may now be merely cutting edge. How will you respond to these broader horizons? How will you address the inflationary/deflationary nature of the times? How will you find your way amongst choices both speculative and explosive? You have your native wit: Use it. You have access to common sense: Get in touch with it. You have your feet on the ground: Reaffirm that! Call early to secure your choice.

Aries: You looked within and were not blinded by the truths you found there, nor shamed by the darknesses you carry in the corners of your soul. So now what? You're back from your transpersonal experience, and still have to live daily life. Take vitamins and a nap Tuesday.

Taurus: Are you or aren't you? You couldn't say for sure, not as of yet. Though there's no ''reason'' for your hesitation, besides that gut feeling you wouldn't feel right ignoring, you won't be moved until you're good and ready. So hunker down and exhale fully. Wear cotton.

Gemini: You've looked around and seen what's available. You've touched, poked, prodded and pinched to see if the quality is up to scale. You've talked, chatted and texted your concerns to all and sundry. At the end of the day, it's your call--and no one but you can decide.

Cancer: You're on top now. You've got a rhythm going. You've found the sweet spot. These are good things, but they can't last. Entropy calls the shots here. Decide what's most important and make a full list from there. Thin the herd with compassion and help.

Leo: You'd let yourself believe in the fairy tale. You convinced yourself the myth could have a happy ending. You were really pushing for the whole enchilada. Now you've received a wakeup call. You'll have to make difficult choices. But you have the strength to do so.

Virgo: How far can you see when you look around? Would you see farther standing on a chair? Would you see farther with a telescope? Would you prefer not look outside your immediate environment? The future is on the way, with or without you. Keep your eyes open.

Libra: No one promised you a rose garden. Equally, no one said it would be an unrelieved vale of tears. So where's the middle path? Where's compassion without undue attachment? Where's the light from within to keep you alert and on your way? Meditate freely.

Scorpio: It's not your fault, you tell yourself. At the same time, it was no one else's responsibility but yours. It's not your project alone, but this was your part of it and it isn't there and it you are manifestly not prepared. Get back to work, you've bought a karmic extension!

Sagittarius: You are as you are, and you never believed differently. At the same time, you allowed others to imagine whatever they pleased and didn't take the time to correct their assumptions. You're not a bad person, just a little on the self-centered and slack side. Reboot.

Capricorn: Learn a lesson from each day. Teach a parable every chance you get. Open your heart to forgiveness and you may be surprised at the bounty which flows into your daily life. You have resources past reckoning, if you could only figure out how to deploy them.

Aquarius: You've established a pace you can sustain. You've engaged in a course of self-education on a topic sure to be worthwhile in the long run. You've sorted out your thorniest issues and cleared your plate for the next round. Take a deep breath. It's your turn.

Pisces: You didn't know what you were getting into when it all started. You weren't sure if what you were feeling was real or manufactured of your own hope and desire. You still can't tell if you're headed the right way, or just wandering. Take a minute to re-center.

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