February 24-March 2, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 24, 2011, 12:50am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You've been under the gun and on the fence and caught between the horns of dilemma. You've been up the road and down the road carrying water for what matters most to you. You've been, in effect, a busy bee – and it's still winter out there! Cheers to you for getting lots done. Cheers to you for keeping your eyes on the brass ring and not the muck underfoot. Cheers to you for continuing to seasonally adjust and find your way toward your ''happily ever after.''

Aries: You have looked into the face of the future, and it reminds you of the past. Well, the future seems less well organized and more catch as catch can. And the future also has a slightly tacky glow to it, as if it were a direct offshoot of the '70s. Shine like a disco queen!

Taurus: You could wrap it up with a big bow on top and send it sailing away. You would be well within your rights as someone who's already pulled weight to spare on this ongoing endeavor. Yet you don't feel washing your hands really shifts your responsibility.

Gemini: There's no ''coulda been'' about it – you're still a contender. ''A contender for what?'' you may counter. And you'd be right to ask. It's not clear whether your personal elevator is going up or going down; it could go either way (ahem). So make a choice and hang on.

Cancer: It's not a trap. It's not the end of the world. It's not even truly radical. It will require a shift in your thinking. It will require a plumbing of the depths of your heart. It will require more from you than you'd thought you had to give. Are you still game?

Leo: You're walking the talk, and you're wondering if you need some kind of sole/soul support to get you where you're hoping to go. You have less assistance from quarters upon which you'd counted, and more serendipitous volunteering than you could have imagined.

Virgo: You didn't want the rainbow. You weren't looking for a pot of gold. You didn't even think you'd place. But you're both lucky and hardworking. From time to time, you're even recognized as such. Can you take your moment in the sun for what it is? Wear stripes.

Libra: You would like it better if it were even a little goofier than what it is. You would be more ready to jump in if you had less idea of where you might land. You're thinking restless, reckless thoughts and you're not afraid to act on them. Delay until Monday.

Scorpio: Senescence might be a little like what you've been experiencing lately, except it will be easier to forget the good, the bad and the ugly between your moments of lucidity come the time. Embrace alertness. Work with the acute and perceptive to develop.

Sagittarius: You're not really down a well with a frayed rope end in your hand. And if you were, you would be well served to remember the hidden door that will lead to the troll king's treasure trove and adventures beyond your usual compass. Explore with abandon.

Capricorn: Whether it's the time or the tide, you couldn't say for sure. But you're sleeping less well and liking with reserve that which you experience during your waking hours. Can you calm yourself with meditation? Warm milk? A long heart-to-heart? You get to choose.

Aquarius: Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains. Keep in mind there's a valuable, viable third option, which might bring you away from the linear pong game in which you seem to be caught. You could ask a Sagittarius after Friday for help.

Pisces: It's not you. It couldn't be. It might be. It wouldn't be intentional in any case. All this and more is perfectly true and not all that meaningful. You don't need plausible deniability. You need solutions, answers and a means of solving the ongoing conundrum!

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