March 3-9, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 3, 2011, 2:28am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You've stared into the mirror of the future and seen only clouds and swirling mists. You've meditated for guidance and attained only the cosmic ''om'' ringing in your ears. You've extended your hands to reach out and anchor the present and grasped only the obvious. Is it time to release your desire to know the ineffable? Is it time to admit your minuteness in the face of eternity? Is it time to develop a fallback position? Create a sound foundation this time.

Aries: Serenity wears many masks. You may not recognize the opportunity to relax and unwind when it appears. Reassess the environment you take for granted. Look with new eyes to see what lies beneath the visible. Give yourself the insight required to find peace before Sunday. Ask Aquarius.

Taurus: Are you still uncertain? Do you still turn in wonder and amazement? You're running out of free time and necessarily must determine your path and the means to keep you free of distractions until you achieve your goal. You have more aptitude and experience than you know.

Gemini: Is it fun yet? You have been good for so long. You have met, or nearly, your deadlines. You have stayed, mostly, on top of your obligations. You have become, virtually, well-enough organized to take on the challenges you accepted. The hanky drops this week.

Cancer: You're alight with the possibilities. You're practically incandescent with information. You're ready to take up the charge and make the way smooth for the future to be now. You wish you had a better road map, yet you have all you really need. Call when you're certain.

Leo: Is it a case of seasonal affective disorder? Is it a matter of pride caught in a net of obligation? Is it more complex, yet more simple still, than anyone outside the equation can imagine? You have some small comforts and controls yet left to you. Make a decision soon.

Virgo: The odor of sanctity is confusing your sense of direction. You're not very good at dealing with the more self-righteous than thou who've been turning up lately. Can you refocus your inner perspective to screen them out of your visible spectrum? Dream more deeply.

Libra: Sentience is not all it's cracked up to be. This is more true when the means for expressing it become over-limited. You can turn the ship of your soul around and make a break for freedom of self-expression. Will it come at the cost of your deepest attachments? Wear aluminum.

Scorpio: You know the dance. You were born knowing it. You've forgotten more about it than most people will ever learn in their whole lives. You are the master of technique and the virtuoso of expression. But none of this counts if you won't get up, get down and boogie.

Sagittarius: Could you be any more certain? Could you feel any more confused? Could you find a way to squeeze yourself into any tighter of a corner? Happily, you are the zodiac's own Houdini: You will miraculously escape at the last second, with a fabulous flourish!

Capricorn: You haven't been yourself in the longest while. You haven't been anyone you'd care to know better, either. Is it time to come home and take up residence in your persona once again? Is it time to ditch the whole matter, and head off in a different direction altogether?

Aquarius: You're not actually as reluctant as you've led people to believe. Sometimes wanting a thing so badly only buggers up the outcome. Now you seem to have convinced everyone of the opposite. Is this more to your advantage? Is this an effective outcome of your strategy?

Pisces: You enjoy the solitude in which you've quietly basked all winter. Are you ready to proceed in a new manner? Are you ready to find companionship again? Are you ready to take on the role of confidante and friend? You might be pleasantly surprised on Friday.

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