April 14-20, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 14, 2011, 3:25am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is it time to let it go? Time to forgive and forget? Time to build bridges instead of chasms? Time to release the bitter to make space for the sweet? If it isn't, you could always pretend until your dreams came true. While not direct or practical, this strategy may yet be the one to win the day, solve the puzzle and take the prize home. Learn more than regret from your mistakes. Bring more than recriminations to your place at the table.

Aries: You're still all that. And it could still be all about you. But you might do yourself a favor by stepping back and gaining perspective on where you are and how you might get from here to there. Once you understand the scale, your resources could be reconsidered.

Taurus: You find yourself suddenly spotlighted. Is it in a good way? Are you comfortable being the focus so suddenly? Is this adding a layer of stress and outreach you just weren't pining for? You can still make good use of the exposure, but you'll need an assistant.

Gemini: No, it wasn't underhanded and despicable. No, it wasn't shiftless and sneaky. No, it wasn't direct and clear and aboveboard either. You were careful, is all. Now someone's questioning your motives. Stay calm, breathe deeply and tell the truth – the whole truth.

Cancer: Is it a waltz? When was the last time you even thought about having a dance? You still have great moves and innate rhythm, but you've been running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Slow down, warm up and try to go with the flow before Monday.

Leo: You knew what it was the first time you laid eyes on it. You asked around and found your perception unique. Will you let others convince you? Or will you hold on to what you know to be true, and soldier forward in a state of grace and serene self-esteem?

Virgo: You've been stretched thin before. This would be so much easier if you just had one person you felt deep down you could trust completely. Trust begins at home. You could apply your efforts most profitably be putting yourself at the head of the line for once.

Libra: You're not afraid of what they'll see. You're not afraid of what they'll say. You wish they'd think better of you and each other, but you're also a realist. In a different light, the situation might even be taken as a great turning point in your life. Meditate in the morning.

Scorpio: You kept your hands in your pockets and weren't greedy. Now you're assumed to lack initiative. Never mind, you can make up the lost ground (and do so while solving a few puzzles no one even knew were there). Wear a smile, but bring your umbrella.

Sagittarius: The scenery is spectacular. The ambiance is divine. The attention to detail is phenomenal. But you're bored by how it's all working out so seamlessly. You'd hoped for more of a challenge. You'd dreamed there would be a dragon to slay. Take off your armor.

Capricorn: You didn't mind that it was all uphill. You weren't fazed by the undergrowth through which you fought your way. You got used to the slow pace. Now it's suddenly out in the open, free and clear, smooth and simple. How will you learn to adjust? Calculate.

Aquarius: On your word of honor, just tell it like it is. It's way too late to start playing politics. And it's even later than that for any other alternative. So cut loose, grab an ally with a convincing corroborative version of events and go forward in confidence. Clean up Friday.

Pisces: Wasn't it like this the last time, too? Or was it? You can't remember for sure. But being here now could take the edge off your recent frustration with your memory. So could regular sleep patterns. Or a work out that didn't bore you. Or even a good salad.

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