June 2-8, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 2, 2011, 3:46am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're a dancing, shooting star. You're a dolphin in a merry riptide. You're an eagle soaring on a lofting, gale force wind. If you're the right one at the right time, an otherwise hostile environment may suit you just fine. Look around to see what you can see about making the most of a situation that might not sit well with just anyone. The seeds of your plans laid now will germinate and sprout with abundance. Your challenge is follow through. Stay focused Saturday.

Aries: You're abuzz with the possibilities. You had no idea your neighborhood had so much going on just under the surface. You don't have to travel to exotic locations; your home just made the list of places where the exotic is a mere commonplace. Learn with a buddy.

Taurus: You're working hard, and you're watching the monies fall through a little hole in your budgetary pocket. How will you mend your condition? How will you manage the flow of your resources such that you have them available when needed? Wear cotton.

Gemini: You can't hold still. You can't keep your hands to yourself. You can't buckle down and git 'er done. But you can do eight things at once — and see them all done to performance expectations. You can keep your eye on the ball and a half dozen other things. Celebrate.

Cancer: You're walking the line, but you're not sure how you got there or why it's important. Your sense of dissociation pulls you from your experience of the present and places you squarely in the land of postulation. Bring more juice to being here now. Call on Thursday.

Leo: You have enough to do at work. You have more than enough to do just to keep up. And now there's some random educational module, just the thing you didn't really want this minute. Bear up, there are some great connections to be made this summer. Smile.

Virgo: Are you or aren't you? There's not a lot of room for a gray area of perception. You need to pick a side and work it. Take a deep breath and make your choice. No, there aren't any really shiny options in front of you. But some have tons of potential, literally.

Libra: Fortune favors the brave, so gird up your loins and get on with your quest. Yes, you were hoping to relax. Yes, you were sure it wasn't still your turn. Yes, in a sense you were right. Happily, the universe is neither fair nor under mortal constraints. Enjoy.

Scorpio: Walking the talk has left your throat hoarse and your feet sore. But if you look around, you'll see you've made some real progress. You're going the distance, albeit one step at a time. But it worked for Mao, and it can work for you. Think about the long term.

Sagittarius: You're not a bird. You're not a plane. And you're not a caped superhero, either. If you have to rescue someone, take a little energy and time out of your schedule to rescue your own self. It sets a good example and it will ease up the pressure tremendously.

Capricorn: Quality beats quantity every time. You have this engraved on your soul and you're not wrong. So go ahead and uphold your standards. Go ahead and take enough time to do what needs doing with your personal benchmarks well to the fore. Ask a Taurus.

Aquarius: You're busy, busy, busy. But that's what time it is. You're not too busy to flirt. You're not too busy to skip the shopping trip. You're not too busy to hang with your posse. So you don't have to allow yourself that swamped feeling. Just breathe, and pace yourself.

Pisces: Having been around the block on your tricycle as many times as all that makes you a cottage-industry expert. Will you post a clip to YouTube? Will you start blogging for Huffington Post? Will you hit the motivational speaking circuit with what you know? Share!

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