June 16-22, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 16, 2011, 9:04am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You can if you need to, but wanting is not enough. You'll have to stop whatever else you're up to and put your whole focus on working your way out of your current conundrum. It's a lot to invest in what you don't want to be true, but you have both the strength of character and the sheer willpower to get from here to there. Keep your calendar tight and your attitude loose to make the most of the week.

Aries: You've been in a ''look but don't touch'' mode for long enough. Now you've reached the hands-on part of your life practicum. If you're serious about your goals and ambitious for your own betterment, you'll go the distance to see your ideals realized. Work harder.

Taurus: There's more going on than meets the eye. You'll have to reach out and touch someone to get the whole picture. But you may want to wash your hands before you get all touchy-feely with the world, since they've been anywhere and everywhere as of late.

Gemini: You're primed to call for all hands on deck. It's good to rally the troops. It's good to build morale with common projects. It's good to get everyone on the same page and pointed in the same direction. But you have to give people some room for interpretation.

Cancer: You've been stretching yourself, trying to get your hands all the way around the issues confronting you in the hope that you'll be able to contain what you can grasp. This might not be a realistic assumption. You may have to release that which you wish to control.

Leo: Is it time for a hand-off? You can't do this all yourself. You can't do more than you are right now — but there's more than that on the slate and it won't be wait-listed, either. Develop your delegation skills with practice, lots of practice. Then take a fresh look around.

Virgo: You're not the only one who's had a hand in the proverbial cookie jar lately. Will you rat the others out to gain immunity for yourself? Will you hold your hush and let the chips fall where they may? Will you develop a distraction broad enough to cover everybody? Decide.

Libra: It's not as though you're looking for a handout. But you do need some help, and you'd do even better with some usable answers. What have you got to barter or trade in order to take possession of the information in question? What is this really worth to you? Call first.

Scorpio: Hand-me-downs are often more comfortable than new things. And they carry the patina of personal history — even if it's not yours. Don't be too proud to take those secondhand treasures and make them your own. You'll score eclectic style points for this move.

Sagittarius: You're handier than you know, but you still need some training in how to make the most of your skill sets. If you really want to develop your chops, you'll even sign up for formal lessons. It's not too late to learn this new trade. And the benefits are a real plus.

Capricorn: Hands down, you're the person with the most to gain by finding the middle ground in this scenario. Hand up if you're completely convinced you've exerted yourself to the utmost trying to find the compromise in this polarizing situation. Don't give up before Sunday.

Aquarius: Does it seem like your hands are all thumbs lately? You'll have to slow down and take a sharp focus if you want to get your grasp of reality back to front and center. There's an underlying meaning to all the dropsy you've been going through. Pick yourself up!

Pisces: You wish you could hand over the valuables and walk away. But this time it's intellectual, not to mention creative, property you're being relieved of. And you're just not okay with letting someone else take all the credit for your baby. Hold your ground steadily.

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