July 7-13, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 7, 2011, 1:44am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're more aware of the resources and reflections inherent in those around you. Look into their faces to see who you are becoming, and what use might be made of your evolution. Look into their minds to find solutions yet undreamt of in your philosophies. Look into their closets to see what you've overlooked in crafting a more distinctive personal style. You can still catch more flies with honey than vinegar or reasoning. Don't give up, just reboot in order to get to rebuilding that much faster.

Aries: You see farther standing on the shoulders of giants than you can by climbing onto any rock in your vicinity. You can reach farther using the collective assistance available to you than with the limited scope of your own arms. Learn to share the workload for satisfaction.

Taurus: You're sleeping better, but eating more. Now is a good time to pick a supportive diet and stick to it, in order to help your body function better rather than merely slimming down a size. Take a load off your thyroid for maximum return on your timely self-investment.

Gemini: Here in the seat of summer, you begin to blossom. Here in the steam of the heat and humidity, you begin to take on richer colors and a fuller self-representation. Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly proudly. You're able to help others see your POV on Sunday.

Cancer: Happiness comes in large and small packages. You may not have global delight, but you can take personal pride in the details. Give yourself wholly to that which is within your sphere of influence. The ripples will spread farther and wider than you can suppose.

Leo: It's time to use your noggin to get yourself past the current set of obstacles. It's time to enlist the aid of the canny and the slick to get your agenda as far down the road as possible before your momentum is overtaken by drag. Wear lamé to create excitement.

Virgo: You're on a treadmill, and someone keeps moving the speed setting up, up, up. Can you maintain the pace, or ought you to jump off? You'll have to use your judgment. Would it shift your perspective if you believed your legs to be bionic? Practice alone.

Libra: Time and tide alike are on your side this cycle. You can do more, think more and wrap more up than seemed possible from a planning-stage distance. You're not the only one overtaken by efficiency and productivity. Band together to accomplish more.

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Scorpio: Is it destiny or a self-fulfilling prophecy? You have more latitude here than you expected. You have more pushing at you from the unconscious than you can possibly imagine. Let the greater energy flow into the mundane world and smooth your path Saturday.

Sagittarius: Work and play share common boundaries when you enjoy what you have to do anyway. Can you learn to whistle while you work without driving your cube-mates crazy? Can you learn to do the hustle while you bustle about gittin' 'er done? Ask again.

Capricorn: It's not easy, but it's not as difficult as you'd assumed. It's not simple, but it's much less complex than you'd been told. It's not over, but you have less far to go than you'd planned. What will you do with all the resources you've already set aside? Celebrate.

Aquarius: Simplicity is the hardest discipline. Explain with fewer words. Accomplish with fewer motions. Cogitate with fewer convolutions. You'll manage so much more than you thought possible if you'll only accept your enhanced capacity and the help of a crony.

Pisces: Weaving and bobbing down the stream of life's occurrences, you might take note of any changes in nature along the way. There's a source of strength and even nurturing available to you from everywhere. Remember to breathe deeply and exhale completely.

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