September 1-7, 2011

Carrie Megginson
Published on September 1, 2011, 2:12am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is this a case of less is more? Is this a case of more being less? It's hard to know when you're standing so close to the matter at hand. Take a few steps back to gain valuable perspective. Take a few more steps back and formulate a strategy. Now, a few more steps back and you'll have long-term vision and short-term tactics well in hand. You can take this one as far as you choose to go; just never forget to attend to the pesky details.

Aries: You're one in a million. Or that's how it feels. No question, you're special; but you ought not to expect your specialness to extend past your own circle of intimates. If you try to bring your exemptions from normal expectations to the law or society, you won't win easily.

Taurus: You're no slouch. You just don't choose to hurry ungracefully. You've given your cooperation; but that's not the same thing as blind obedience. You may be misunderstood, or even underestimated, but your true worth remains constant and surprising. Shine.

Gemini: You aren't to blame, but if you don't shut up people will assume you're protesting too much and pin the fault on you in any case. Let go of your denials and try to put a positive, forward spin on what needs to happen next. Recovery is well within your purview.

Cancer: Once you were secure. Now you're on an adventure. Every day is special. Every moment is finite. And each is all the more precious for that. Take a moment to appreciate what you have this second. Live in the present. Breathe in thanks, exhale praise!

Leo: Your dominion over your own course of life is unquestionable. But the more you choose to share your life path, the more constrained your choices become. Will you perceive the bonds that hold you back? Or can you focus on the love that expands you infinitely?

Virgo: You've got a groove and you're not afraid to express it. The gentle inner rhythm of life makes every move of the day a dance in its own right. Feel the beat deeply. Let it move within you and with you. Become more than you were by getting into the pulse.

Libra: You're no mystic. You're no prophet. You're no howling oracle. But there's an awareness at the edge of your conscious perception and it's tugging at your metaphysical coattails. Pay attention to what you don't yet know. Listen for the silent details to be transmitted.

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Scorpio: If it were only the once, that would be plenty. But you're back where you were before and you've started up the cycle once again, intentionally or not. So prep yourself for the heavy weather ahead and don't be afraid to ask for much-needed help.

Sagittarius: Slam on the brakes at your own discretion. But you might as well take your foot off the gas and coast on in. It'll save wear and tear on your nerves if nothing else. You've got a good enough sense of timing, you only have to trust yourself to use it.

Capricorn: Between here and there are infinite variables and you're so busy trying to number and file them all that you've allowed forward motion to grind to a halt. This once, allow the details to mind themselves. You have bigger and more important fish to fry.

Aquarius: Give yourself a pat on the back. Give yourself a big hand. Give yourself an inner promotion. You've done really well. And others are beginning to allow as how you've been a hero in the final reel. Now you need to choose how to make the most of social capital.

Pisces: You could. You have before. You didn't much like it then, but there's been a lot of water under the bridge and you might even find you've grown into it by now. Let go of the prejudices from the past. Try to bring yourself into the present with promptitude.

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