September 8-14, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 8, 2011, 4:36am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're on the way. You're growing into your potential. You're exceeding expectations – yours and others. You're all that and more. So take advantage of the felicitous times. Do your utmost. Make your play. Add to your net worth. Subtract from your attitude. Get with the program and get on with being. There's hardly anything you could wish for you can't make true, leaving aside the ''world peace'' issue. Allow hope to expand your heart and peace to enliven your soul. Then make it happen.

Aries: You are as you were, but you're the new, improved version of yourself. Trust in this enhanced edition of you. Make use of your newfound powers. Exploit your greater capacities. Create more difficult challenges so that you can push even your up-sized envelope.

Taurus: You're in the groove and you're not afraid to enjoy it. You've learned the hard lessons, now comes the extended skill set and amazing implementations. You're ready to make the most of working with others and you'll find you have more followers than you need.

Gemini: You have a way with words. Watch out that the words don't have their way with you. Hew close to the grain of pure truth. Cleave to brevity and honesty as if your future depended upon it. And cling to your integrity through any change or shift in climate.

Cancer: Are things looking up, or have you simply rebooted your point of view? It might even be both. You could be on the other side of the hump that's been impeding your access to happiness, contentment and general jollity. Don't let anything get you down!

Leo: Look! Look! Look! See your future run! See it run toward you! Now what? Well, can you catch your hopes in your arms? Would you do better with a net? A really big net? Or a nice Rube Goldberg contraption? Think outside the box and your comfort zone.

Virgo: Simplify, simplify, simplify. This is your chance to clear, clean and de-clutter before you find yourself overwhelmed with all kinds of external stimuli. Refine your conditions and sweep the outmoded from your consideration. You can make it all work well.

Libra: The times are as they are. You can do your bit by refusing to be hemmed in by too much pure reason. Let yourself drift on a neap tide of luck, serendipity and outright good timing. Let yourself be encouraged by the daring-do of those who work without a net.

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Scorpio: You're on the way. You just need to remember what to take with you, so that you're not endlessly circling back to collect your necessaries. Build a checklist, engage a minder, hire an assistant. Do what it takes to dot your tees and cross your eyes.

Sagittarius: Be on the lookout for all good things as they come to pass. Because there's every likelihood that they may. However, you'll have to have your special goggles on (not those tacky beer goggles) to see the infinite becoming fortuitous right before you.

Capricorn: You could if you would. You tell yourself why not, but you don't explain why. Is your cup always half empty lately? You could fill it beyond any doubt; clear to the brim if you choose. But you'd have to let go of your comfort level with having ''settled.'' Could you?

Aquarius: It's not as though this is a new idea. It's not as though you hadn't already worked out the pros, cons and maybes ages ago. It's not as though you're even remotely taken aback by the appearance of the opportunity. So get off your duff and get going ASAP!

Pisces: There's a certain fullness to the times. Is it merely harvest in the air? Are you more than ready to reap as you've sown? Fear not, you've been a good little boy or girl. It's definitely time to open the present and enjoy all it brings, as well as the future inherent in it.

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