September 15-21, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 15, 2011, 1:47am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: There's a pronounced degree of something you can only call lunacy going around like a late-summer flu. There's this slightly off-kilter perspective through which the most innocent pronouncements come out sounding jaded and even lewd. There's this disconnect between the realness of reality and the necessity of that which has been necessary. You could use these sea changes to re-examine what you've been taking for granted. You could focus this unusual lens to view those aspects of life so banal you've ceased to see them at all.

Aries: You're waking up alleging you were duped. You're going to sleep sure that you've been had. You're wondering where to point the finger next so that fate doesn't keep singling you out. But you might consider taking the heat, and warming to your condition. Ignite!

Taurus: Look around you. Where is your life absolutely at its best? Where would you like to see improvement? This is a good time to dream of the ideal life and begin to apply yourself to making your own dreams come true. Now is the time for enlightened self-interest.

Gemini: You're under some scrutiny at work. Is it your fault you're behind, scattered, in a jam and on the outs with the co-worker who would be most able to offer a viable assist? Maybe. Don't try to shift the blame, take on the challenge of winning that cooperation.

Cancer: Is it your spirit, trampled and ailing, at the root of your condition? Would a new attitude be the best solution? Or are you satisfied with sulking and moaning? Really? Yes, it's painful to get on with crafting a positive outlook. Yes, it really works better over time.

Leo: As you were, so will you be. And you were good enough then, so you'll be back up to your personal par in no time. Stop kicking yourself for falling behind. Enlist the aid of the capable and interested and be more than ready to share the glory, accolades and bonuses.

Virgo: Time and tide slip by with frightening regularity and little vividness. What's washed the color from your day-to-day undertakings? What's caused you to pull into your shell and hide from the stream of life washing by you? Let go. Embrace the unknown with vigor.

Libra: How've you been lately? Are you overexposed to hostile germ fields? Are you washing your hands more than Lady Macbeth did? Are you checking your tongue for spots, streaks and coatings? Wouldn't it be more sensible to get rest, eat right and manage stress?

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Scorpio: You usually know what you want and how you want it. You usually never have to consult with anyone on matters of taste. You usually are first in line to help yourself. What's up? Have you lost your nerve? Find your way with an open heart and mind alike.

Sagittarius: If it were really fun and easy, everyone would be doing it. Instead, you're pretending as hard as you can whilst you look over your shoulder nervously to see if all those merry half-truths are catching up to you yet. Tell the whole truth and take a load off.

Capricorn: Isn't it great to have such amazing resources in your siblings and long-time cronies? Are you making the most of these connections? You could probably reach out and do yourself a major solid here. There's a lot to do and not enough time, right?

Aquarius: It's not your fault, okay? Now, get honest with yourself about your budget, your means and your spending habits. Do you need to find more work? Different work? Or a less costly lifestyle? Maybe a combination of these would be best for you.

Pisces: You can't help those vivid dreams. They're more real than real life, and you don't want to wake up. Fair enough. Will you sleep through this chance to make those dreams come true? In one sense or another, you're still the captain of your ship. Start steering.

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