November 3-9, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 3, 2011, 4:20am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Something unexpected has turned up. Is it throwing a monkey wrench in the works? Is it a call to establish a new paradigm? Is it reasonable to believe it's the fruit of your own unwitting labors? There's been a lot of water under the bridge. You'll find more profit in looking forward than post-mortem'ing backward. While persuasion is more effective, cold logic is more efficient. You'll have to decide where you want to draw that line. Look over your left shoulder Saturday for an interesting twist in current affairs.

Aries: Once upon a time you were without stain or blot upon your character. Your conduct was above reproach. Situational ethics have driven you far from your point of origin. Is this who you want to be? Is this how you prefer to behave? You have choices to make.

Taurus: You're as dedicated as they come. You're as interested as anyone. You're as ready to pitch in as they come. And you're wondering how more and more falls to your lot no matter how busy you already are. It's an unintended consequence of your proficiency. Dream deep.

Gemini: It wasn't the sushi you ate. You had that late-night revelation because it's your turn. The vision is your gift, and possibly a curse. You can't un-ring the bell on this one. Now is the time to evolve to meet the greater challenge you've envisioned for yourself. Ask Aquarius.

Cancer: There was a place for you, but now it seems to be evaporating despite your sincere efforts and brave endeavors. Is this only your fears talking, or is there some truth to your possibly dire analysis? You'd do well to bounce your concerns off a centered, savvy crony.

Leo: You've been at it for a goodly while. And all you can see is the mountain of technological claptrap rising endlessly before you. Is this a dystopian dream? Is this a self-inflicted sentence? Is this a test of your purity of heart? Could it be all of those and more? Wear silk.

Virgo: Pensive is as pensive does. If you're spending too much time in your head second-guessing yourself and spinning your wheels, it may be time to get out and move. You'd do yourself a favor to get a regular venue in which you could dance with wild abandon. Go early.

Libra: You're one of a kind and you're good at it. At the same time, you want to fit in and find an unobtrusive method for living both justly and comfortably. You might be surprised to hear how difficult the philosophers and saints found your simple desire in application.

Scorpio: Nothing easy or simple is worth having, you tell yourself. Too bad you're not right. Granted, it's your sour grapes speaking. You worked yourself into this corner, and you'll fly with the angels if necessary to get yourself out of it. The solution is near and possible.

Sagittarius: You're no better than you ought to be, but your standards are higher, perhaps, than you've been given credit for. Pat yourself on the back for 15 seconds. Now get busy making even more ambitious plans to make the most of your resources and environs.

Capricorn: Would you really? Even if time travel were possible, and the cost not prohibitive, you probably wouldn't want to change the outcome in the present tense. You've gained too much valuable expertise and experience from the events in question. Rejoice early.

Aquarius: Look into the mirror. You're there. You exist. Stop with the vague pouting and get on with increasing your positive visibility. You have more to give than you can remember easily. You have more to do than time with which to see it all done. Gird up your loins.

Pisces: Persistence in the face of uncertainty is one of your best qualities. Don't let it go. Don't walk away from the challenge in front of you. You have the presence of awareness to see around corners and through obstacles. Use your superpowers for your own good.

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