November 17-23 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 17, 2011, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Are you awakening from a long dream? Or are you falling back into a semi-grounded fugue state? Retain your self-awareness as you progress through this cycle. Pay attention to how you feel, what inspires you, how your body is responding and what the logical necessities and implications are for your assessment. You can go the distance and further, but you'll need to take your desires, both hidden and expressed, and put them foremost in your mind as you proceed. Wear burgundy for luck. Drink burgundy for health.

Aries: Once you've been there and done that, are you ready to ascend to the judging table, or would you prefer to leave the table with your honor and impartiality unimpaired and intact? You have sticky ethical questions in front of you. Leo has your back.

Taurus: You're the best in your class. You're capable, and recognized both for your devotion and your charm. You're in with a chance, but you're going to want to revisit your long-term goals with an eye to seeing if they still match the person into whom you're evolving.

Gemini: You've taken that walk on the wild side, and it was fun. You've come back from the edge, but you're not still breathless. You've looked to the future and you have a long way to go to get to where you want to be in your heart of hearts. Call the shots Friday.

Cancer: It wouldn't be the first time in the world things didn't turn out as you'd planned. It won't be the last time in your life you find you have more to do and less to do it with than you'd anticipated. But you will triumph, using your feat of non-linear problem solving.

Leo: Once, before you'd gone so far down this road, you had a different perspective. Can you recall the visions you used to cherish? Can you return your heart and mind to your former point of view? You've lost something vital along the way; it can still be recovered gracefully.

Virgo: Happenstance happens. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is the best we can bring to any situation. Your innate sense of rhythm will bring you through the rough patch ahead of you and into the light of accomplishment and recognition.

Libra: You're smart, talented, kind and thinking outside the box. You can hardly ask more of yourself than you already have. And yet, and yet, you're not all the way home just yet. You can reach a little farther and come back with so much more. Be brave Sunday.

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Scorpio: This is your time to shine. This is your time to take it on the chin. This is your time to make the most of your life. This is your time to reach back and repair the rents in your soul. This is your time to plan the future. This is your time to be in the moment.

Sagittarius: Is it all contumely? Or did you have some of that coming to you? You may not always be the most sensitive observer of the situation as it occurs, so check in early and often with your cronies and even a disinterested person or two to get the picture.

Capricorn: It's the beginning of a new era in your life. Your chickens have come home to roost, and they're ready to travel with you into the future you've only just begun to realize is possible. Get your ducks in a row and you'll be sitting in the catbird seat Monday.

Aquarius: You can see clearly now, the haze is gone. You can see more than the obstacles in your way, you can also see the work-arounds. You've got the best of all possible views, but you're going to have to act and act quickly to make your dreams come true.

Pisces: It's the outcome, sweetie. Focus on the results you want. Focus on the resources you need to get there. Focus on the personnel who can give you the access you require to make it all manifest. You're on the edge of greatness, but you must follow through.


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