November 24-30, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 23, 2011, 12:52pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You've circled the block on your tricycle so many times you're getting mondo frequent rider miles stacked up. You're torn between enthusiasm for the next little thing and appalling cynicism that you or anyone still cares enough to bother. You're psyched for the kick-off of the holiday season, and dreading all the obligations you'll be fulfilling, or choosing not to, at the last minute. Take a deep breath. Take a multi-vitamin. Take a bubble bath and a long nap. Use a calendar to plan through the New Year.

Aries: You're on a roll, and you're gaining momentum. Wouldn't it be peachy if you didn't find yourself possessed of a desire to know how to stop in case you want to get off? You'll do just fine, come the day, but you do need a solid exit strategy. Consult.

Taurus: Looking around at the situation, you can either retreat or you can choose to reach out. Use collateral skills belonging to your cronies or partner. Use old techniques you've let fall by the way over time. It's neither beneath you nor amateurish to be effective.

Gemini: If you can't keep your hands in your pockets and you don't know of a safe alternative (like a buddy to hold hands with in tempting circumstances), you may have to choose to get the heck out of Dodge, or stay the heck out of Dodge. Or rewrite the rules. Whichever.

Cancer: It wasn't the first thing that crossed your mind. And it might not be the most germane at the end of the day. All the same, you want to snag that thought and begin to incubate it for all you're worth. There's a real gem in the dung-heap and you want in early!

Leo: It's bigger, messier and not quite as much fun as you'd hoped. But you've given your whole heart to the endeavor and you will never give up whilst you have a say in the proceedings and resources to throw at the matter. Call up a Sagittarius to get the long range.

Virgo: You're one of a kind, and you know it. You're low-key, and you cultivate it. You're ready to take off, and you're not likely to let people know until it's almost past the point of departure. You've got a grand adventure ahead of you. It's a brand, new life phase!

Libra: Isn't it delightful when people get together and have a real good time? Isn't it charming when your acquaintance find their way to knowing each other better. Isn't it surprising when folks turn out to be connected above and beyond your graces? Celebrate.

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Scorpio: However determined you may be (and you are), you may not have the entire resource set to go this one alone. You're not good at reaching out for help. Could you inveigle investors instead? Could you seduce silent partners? Could you just do the research?

Sagittarius: Full of the good cheer of the season, you're on a tear. You're talking and you can't find where they put the discretion override. You're sharing, and you're pretty clearly over-sharing. You're acting like you don't get out much. Slow down and think first.

Capricorn: You want to enjoy the holiday but you've got beef with the location, the guest list and the menu. You're less than thrilled with your cohorts in attendance and you don't like the timeline for the festivities either. Get it off your chest, then shut your mouth.

Aquarius: Welcome to the fun house. Nothing you can see is quite where it should be. Everything you see is somewhat distorted. Can these oddities work in your favor? Are you capable of applying your astounding capacity for logic to the puzzle before you?

Pisces: Walk the line. Walk the talk. Walk out the door. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes. But do get moving. You have a ways to go and the journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step. You've got the motivation. You have an internal map. Walk.

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