December 29, 2011 - January 4, 2012

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 29, 2011, 2:36am | Comments

Heavenly Roundup: You may already be a contender. You may not recognize the battle in which you're engaged, but it exists nonetheless. Can you make your victory other than Pyrrhic? It will take planning and clever counsel to get you to your optimal outcome. Don't rush in where angels fear to tread unless you have a Plan B in your back pocket. Just before the revelries get underway, you'll have a flash of insight allowing you to solve an old personal mystery. Are you brave enough to act?

Aries: Time and tide are on your side. You have the odds with you and the Force as well. Will you use your ascendency for good? Is it possible to bring peace to both sides with honor still intact? Avoid the hassle, increase the options and stay in motion through Sunday.

Taurus: You're one of a kind, and the kind is good. You're the pick of the bunch and the bunch is healthy. You're on top of the world, and you've got your balance as you walk the rolling globe toward your desired outcome. Allow your dreams to manifest freely.

Gemini: This is definitely the end of much you held dear and cherished long. This is necessarily the beginning of a great adventure. You'll have to step out of your comfort zone to get to where the air is clear enough to give you a view of your full potential. Walk.

Cancer: Are you a person or a mouse? There are advantages to both. But you'll go farther and achieve more if you stand on your two legs and let yourself be counted. Compassion is an unusual way to win conflict, but it's worked for folks in the past, and it can work for you.

Leo: Is it time to do more with what you already have? Is it time to wrap up what doesn't work and focus on what has verifiable success written all over it in fat marker? Is it time to shape the future to meet your needs rather than the other way around? You betcha!

Virgo: Simplicity has its virtues. You could do a lot with a modicum of desire to make your life less complex and more comfy. Have you got the juice to hold still long enough to take a personal inventory before proceeding? You'll learn surprising things.

Libra: You never expected it would be easy. But you didn't know how hard a road you might have chosen to travel when you set out. You're farther than you know, but you'll need perspective and quiet to recognize your progress. Put some time aside for you.

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Scorpio: Filling in the blanks is easy. Righting what's wrong is easy. Telling others their business is easy. Cleaning out your own emotional closets is so far down your list of chosen activities the barometer doesn't function well down there. Can you change?

Sagittarius: You may already be a winner. But you'll need to identify what game you've been playing if you want to figure out what you've won. You may even have to stop playing the game to collect the prize. Can you control yourself? Is it worth it to you?

Capricorn: Your prayers are answered. Your heart is filled. Your life is stretching rich and colorful before you, like the proverbial red carpet. Can you accept success? Can you walk the carpet like you own it? Sometimes dreams do come true. Enjoy your cup running over.

Aquarius: First, last and always comes the truth. You love the truth as you love to breathe — almost unknowingly. Can you see that even ''truth'' comes in different flavors, and some depend upon the eye of the beholder? Cut your partner some slack Monday.

Pisces: You like the talk. You know the vocabulary. You're in a groove with the underlying sentiment. Are you ready to take up your burden and walk the walk? If so, you'll want a supportive pair of shoes and circle of cronies alike. Call in all your favors to get what you need.

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