January 5-11, 2012

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 5, 2012, 4:21am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Facing the rigors of the present and the demands of the future, you're more than a little nostalgic for the simplicities of the past. Can you turn back the clock? Would you if you really could? You may be forgetting some of the motives that have brought you to where you stand today. Give yourself some time to adjust, but don't give in to the urge to retreat. You'll find you have renewed focus and purpose once you catch a breather. Let serendipity make your choices Saturday.

Aries: You may be gliding along on a wing and a prayer, but you're going to have to have something more concrete to support you when you're ready to take a break. Keep an eye out for a good roost. Look for something that offers shelter and a view. Wear red.

Taurus: You're a juggernaut. But you're not sure where it is you're going with such a driven forward motion. Do you need to slow down to see where you're going? Do you need to take advice to choose a productive direction? Do you need to hit the white sales early?

Gemini: The times seem to press the light out of life like grapes in a press. Are you afraid of the dark? Are you nervous you'll get lost? Are you concerned the stains won't come out? Make space in your life for the new energies, which will then come flooding in.

Cancer: You're the standard bearer for this cycle. You stand for warmth and commitment and settled activity. Can you manage all that without falling into a rut? Can you adjust your routine to provide you with the finer moments in daily living without compromising?

Leo: If your dreams came true tomorrow, would you be happier? Would your life be less complicated? Would the unintended consequences outweigh the benefits? Continue to push against the odds. Continue to fight the good fight. Continue to allow others to help.

Virgo: When did sense become sensitivity? When did foreknowledge morph into forbearance? When did your life path take a radical turn onto the road less traveled? Will you backtrack? Will you move along on this journey into a new way of being and becoming?

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Libra: You've always had what it takes to succeed in your life. You've always had the skills to make the decisions that bring you the most growth and challenge. You've always had the gift of seeing unusual solutions to everyday problems. Implement now!

Scorpio: Are you tired of running yet? Are you bored with hiding? Are you done with blaming? If so, it's more than past time to move on and get caught up with your real life and your true purpose. You have everything you need, if you'll release your pride and move on.

Sagittarius: What once were daydreams now are realities. Have you achieved all you'd hoped? Have you received all you need? Have you made the plan to carry you into success beyond your wildest expectations? Like Pip, your relief comes out of left field.

Capricorn: Take the dare. Put your money down on the bet. Invest in the innovation. You're doing the right things at the right time in the right place. This degree of confluence is rare, and precious. Don't waste a minute of this useful, valuable cycle.

Aquarius: Run down? Drained? Discombobulated? You've been pushing hard to get to where you stand. You've been burning the candle at both ends. You've been up to your ears in snapping alligators as you wade the murky waters of the present. Seek dry land.

Pisces: Look around you. Now feel the ground beneath your feet. Listen for the typical sounds of daily life. Use these sensations to ground yourself before you go out on your long-delayed, much longed-for dream quest. You'll need the point of reference by Monday.

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