March 29-April 2, 2012

By Carrie Megginson
Published on March 29, 2012, 4:15am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: There's so much that might happen if the fates take a hand. There's so much that could turn around if the timing is just right. There's so much that would blossom if only a little nurturing were applied. Will you find your way to rise to the challenge? There's plenty of environmental noise serving as a distraction, and there are a lot of folks acting in an even more disruptive manner. Will you continue to function as all around you descend into whining? Stay strong.

Aries: You're ready to charge full steam ahead. Great. Keep your eye on the tiller and not the cutie you're with. Keep a steady hand on the rudder and mind the business before you. Once you're out of the tricky launching stage, you'll have a steady wind behind you.

Taurus: It's not getting going that has your tail in a twist. It's controlling the rate at which you progress while simultaneously holding onto the myriad details. Now would be a good time to call in the cavalry. Now would be a good time to start delegating with élan.

Gemini: You could walk the talk until your shoes fell from your feet. This would deepen the convictions of some, but will it open the eyes of the opposition? Not until you gather the necessary critical mass and determine how and when to use the force (for good).

Cancer: You've seen more than most folks can even imagine. You've traveled in your mind, even if you haven't logged the actual mileage. Have respect for the breadth of your own experiences. Don't hold back in offering support, opinions and guidance. You're a contender!

Leo: We live in interesting, if volatile, times. We have an obligation to act in the world with intention and courage. We sometimes even have to get our hands dirty if we want to shift the existing foundations of perception. Call an Aries for useful advice.

Virgo: You're on a roll. And someone asked for the works with that. Hold tight, it's about to get crowded in your neck of the woods. Carve out time for relaxation. Save space to create serenity. Make a commitment to keeping your energy up: rest, vitamins, meditation.

Libra: Certainly, others in your line of work have handled similar situations very differently. Absolutely, you have a choice as to how you respond. Finally, you have an ethical obligation to your own soul, which precludes any external interference. Play hard on Friday.

Scorpio: Once you've been through the furnace, will you find you've become hardened and shiny? Will you find you've become charred and bitter? Will you find you've become polished and impervious? All these and more are on the table. Use GPS to find the high road.

Sagittarius: Sense and sensitivity frame the discussion. You may find you'll do better shifting from one perspective to the next. You may find you're more successful taking one side and holding it. Now it's important to stay flexible, fluid and ready to adapt.

Capricorn: Everything's coming up roses and daffodils. But you can still see the menace lurking in the future. Will you put on your sunglasses and complain about the light levels? Will you leave your sweater at home and find yourself chilly? Prepare and frame a welcome.

Aquarius: It's time. It's time to play your trump card. It's time to bring your best offer. It's time to go flat out and spend your reserves down to nothing. If you've got a deus ex machina, now would be the time to release the ready resolution and unsnarl the Gordian knot.

Pisces: Efficiency serves a purpose. So does wool gathering. The trick is knowing when to apply which mode. Give yourself a pep talk. Give yourself a moment to collect yourself. Give yourself flowers and a lovely evening out. Then get on with doing the right thing!

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