May 17-23, 2012

By Carrie Megginson
Published on May 17, 2012, 4:25am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Unexpected material comes bubbling up from the depths, like a swamp. And the release of all that pent-up matter comes as a huge relief, like popping a pimple. Are you ready to suffer the ignominy of the gross in order to reap the benefits of the aftermath? I should mention, you can run, though you can't really hide, from the forces of the universe. Better to accept than to complain about the state of things. Find the diamond ring in the manure pile. Wash well afterward.

Aries: You don't mind the suddenness. You're rather intrigued than off-put by the spectacular dissonance developing around you in the workplace. The key here is to stick it out until the dust has settled. You will be amply rewarded if you can just be patient. Work out.

Taurus: You weren't anticipating an ethical smackdown, but that's what it amounts to. Will you defend your position to the death? Will you let the forces of compromise wear you down like a pebble on the beach pounded by surf? Is there a middle path? Consider.

Gemini: Does it strike like lightning? Does it come like the creeping dawn? Does it overwhelm like an earthquake? Does it roll like waves on the high seas? There's a change coming. It will make everything different. Are you ready to move on your objective?

Cancer: You are what you eat. What have you been eating lately? Now would be a good time to reach out to friends whose health routines you admire. Pick their brains to find a strategy for putting yourself into optimal condition. Keep your goals in mind on Sunday.

Leo: It's not as far from here to there as you might imagine. Part of the distance is entirely an emotional construct. Part of the distance is wholly illusory, based on your depth of knowledge in this corner of the possible world. Think way outside the box for results.

Virgo: You're the best and the brightest of your kind. You're the one who gets things done. You're on top of your game, and you can prove it. Now it's time to work on your interpersonal skills. Now it's time to make a shift in your approach to core duties and key outcomes.

Libra: If you were any sharper, you'd cut yourself. As it is, you're tormenting yourself with so many vectors of potentiality you're beginning to lose precious sleep. Narrow your focus. Eliminate impossibilities. Make the most of your hyper-acuity. Trust intuition on Friday.

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Scorpio: If it were merely destiny, you'd be feeling that distinct push from the great hand of fate. As it is, you have choices and options and a lot of reality to shovel through in order to get where you're going. It's not so much about the direction as about a course of action.

Sagittarius: You would if you could, but you're not sure you can. Is it time to call in the cavalry? Is it time to surrender and tuck your tail between your legs? Is it time to pull yourself off the linear continuum of either/or and get to a point of functional synthesis? Oh yeah!

Capricorn: You're not at fault, but you were with it when the whole darned thing went down in flames. If you're subjected to scapegoating, that's your cue to cut and run. Alternatively, you could lawyer up and make your innocence a matter of record and income alike.

Aquarius: Patience usually serves you well, indeed. This time around, you'll be called to action and before you're fully ready to take those necessary steps. Manage stress with exercise, rest and plenty of supplementation. You won't regret the extra care.

Pisces: You're ready to learn. You're ready to change. You're ready for whatever comes down the pike. Or so you deeply feel. However, there are still more things in heaven and earth than your philosophies have dreamt of. Batten down the hatches and enjoy the extremes.

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