June 28-July 4, 2012

By Carrie Megginson
Published on June 28, 2012, 1:02am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Feeling all hung up and conflicted? Not able to settle in to those horns on the dilemma? You may feel more enervated than chilled out, but you could get there from here. For one thing, the conflict is both external and transient. For another thing, it's largely composed of a common semantic misunderstanding. Pull your fingers out of your ears and you'll hear what I'm saying a little more clearly. You should dance on Friday, and clean as you go through the weekend. Wear gold for fortune.

Aries: If you look over your shoulder everywhere you go, you're going to tumble down the very rabbit hole you'd been hoping to avoid, Alice! Now is the time to cut through the noise of your habits and preconceptions. Give meditation a chance. You might like the still, small voice.

Taurus: Once upon a time, you were plagued with impossible tasks and worse deadlines. Nowadays, you continue to act as though you're still under that sentence. Close your eyes. Count to 10. Promise yourself you'll look with a fresh perspective at everything around you. Ask twice.

Gemini: Don't believe everything you hear – not even when it's about you. You'll be the subject of gossip, and you may even be the cause and provoker of its run. Still, you know the truth and it will set you free whenever you're ready to drop those chains and go about your business.

Cancer: Exercise is more than a state of mind. You need to balance the desires of your body with the limitations of time and available resources. You'd do well to take more factors into consideration rather than fewer as you approach your final decision. Sleep in Sunday.

Leo: Don't take the ball and run with it this time. You want to pitch that sucker across the field to someone better situated to position the play optimally. Really. This isn't your limelight, not this one time. Otherwise, take time to bask in the sun and build up your immune system.

Virgo: With or without you, the ship is setting sail. You don't have to be on it, but you do have to have a good reason for refusing the adventure. Cleanse yourself of regret and recriminations with a self-indulgent spa day. If you do so at home, keep the mudpack out of the drains.

Libra: You've been to the mountaintop, and it was windy. You've been to the depths, and they were cold. You've been to the well so often you've worn a path, but your thirst wasn't quenched. Is it time to make a change? Is it time to recalibrate and make a new beginning?

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Scorpio: Was it anybody's fault, or are you just hanging on to your excuses? Was it worth the hassle, or would you play it differently if you had that time to do over? Don't brood over these questions, mull them over and get them out of your system once and for all. Wear dark red.

Sagittarius: You're not really a bank. With the way people are borrowing your energy, you ought to give a thought to what you'd like back as interest when the time comes. You can't keep on draining yourself forever. Even you have limits. Supplement with vitamins and extra yoga.

Capricorn: There's a hole in your life. You've had it for a while. You've ignored it for a while. You've even tried hiding it. Could you make friends with the hole? Could you find out what it wants? Could you negotiate for some possible price? Could you reconcile the impossible? Try Monday.

Aquarius: If it were easy, you wouldn't want it anyway. This has always been true. Instead, you prefer what comes naturally at a great cost. Now is a good time to take an internal survey and see what kind of progress you're making. Reason through the results carefully.

Pisces: You are as you are, and that's all you are. Yet there's still more to you than meets the eye. Is it time to take root and grow more deeply into your current life? Is it time to take flight and find a fresh means of bringing yourself whole into the future? Reflect generously.

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