2009 Capital Pride Week

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 4, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The hostesses -- and hosts -- have it. It's their time to shine and it would be best for the rest of us to give them the props they so richly deserve for all their planning, forbearance, flexibility and ingenuity in the face of the constantly shifting parameters of the day and the times. Bring a bottle, a bouquet or a box of chocolates to pay your respects to the individual and the undertaking alike. Get your dancing shoes on and make sure you have your calendar memorized. Give your all!

Aries: Less is sometimes more. This is not one of those times. You're ready to talk and to listen and to reach out and to enfold. You're ready to be in two places at once and you don't even consider it a feat of strategy or planning. Show up early, stay out late.

Taurus: You're not timid. You're not reticent. You're not averse. But you won't be hurried and you won't settle for less than the best. You have the right to your standards, and you would be wrong not to stick to your guns. Show the flag and wave it with spirit.

Gemini: Blessings and serendipity conspire to make this a four-star day. You've been saving up your wit and your charm. Just don't spend it all in one place. This day will have many faces and the experiences will give it more than one shape. Revel in the atmosphere.

Cancer: You may not have your timing down. You may not have your game face on. You may not be cooking on all four burners. Even so, you have a certain elusive something that makes you as hard to resist as you are capable of adaptation. Use your chops with vigor.

Leo: Since you had your eyes opened so graphically, you have to ask yourself it you're thinking of passing on your awareness -- or if you'd rather keep your epiphany to yourself and pretend that you're well within the boundaries of situation normal. Don't delay at midday.

Virgo: You could if you would only let yourself. Write a blanket permission slip before you leave the house and keep it where you remember your resolution until you crawl home in the wee, small hours. Your taste and discernment could go either way this evening.

Libra: Why not? Just shrug and let it go. You could tie yourself up in knots struggling with the fine points, but you might find more satisfaction in getting on with whatever comes next. If you choose to live in the moment, the sky is the limit for your enjoyment factor all day.

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Scorpio: Is this the time to hold back and query deeply? Or would it better serve your ends to allow the day itself to wash over and around you? Immerse yourself in whatever comes next and revel in the unlikely as often as it may occur. Smile for authenticity.

Sagittarius: Stop comparing apples and oranges as you move into your round of obligations and indulgences. Let your attachments float away and go wherever your impulses take you next. Don't lose your phone or your head and you'll come out richer for the experiences.

Capricorn: Was it something you said? Was it something you ate? Was it something you forgot? There are a million reasons why something can't be perfect, but you have the strength of character to overcome the obstacles and get to a serene place within.

Aquarius: Silly you! Of course it behooves you to yuck it up and be a clown to forward your goals and your agendas. Comedy catches more appreciation than out and out alien behavior. So find the groove and go with the flow and you will be rewarded beyond your dreams.

Pisces: Uncurl and blossom into the best of all possible versions of yourself. Let the day unfold at your feet and know that every moment is for you. Share your secret celebrity with the chance-met acquaintance and new found soul-mate. You can have whatever you want.

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